NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 14 Summary of Poem- ‘the ROAD NOT TAKEN’

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Section 14.1 Summary of Poem by Robert Frost - ‘the Road Not Taken’

Everyone has to made difficult choices from available option sometimes, and also gets confuse if the choice is correct or not? And what will be the result of it?

Robert Frost the writer of poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ is also on same condition where he has to choose one path. Hear in poem Road symbolizes his life. The poet talk about the path he had left in past, and he wants to give massage through this poem is every choice we make have impact on our life in future rather its wrong or right.

  • Poet was walking down a road where he met diversion; he had to choose one from two different roads yellow wood (hear he compares his life with autumn sessions) .
  • He must have to make choose because he in lonely and one person can only travel one road at a time.
  • The poet wants to travel both the path but, he is so confused about what to choose that why he is staring at one road to see where it goes but he can only see up to the bent because of undergrowth means the small plants who are blocks his view.
  • With this he is trying to say that he is trying to predict future but he can՚t see it clearly.
  • After staring one road for long time, he chose the other path as he thinks that it would be fair, or right choice.
  • Robert Frost feels that may be the path he had chosen is better because the path is grassy which means it՚s unused and not many people had chosen it before.
  • But after walking on that path he feels that may be both path similar and worn out which means both the path have the same kind of benefits, disadvantage or problem. Even in real life whenever we choose any path there must be different challenges but we must have to face them.
  • The poet said that at the time when he choose a path both the path were looking similar as both of them are covered by green leaves and it seems looking like no one has walked on it yet.
  • He decide to choose one path and keep other for another day even if he knew that he could not go back on the choice he made and must have move ahead.
  • Further Robert Frost wants to say that, in future he will tell it with sigh (happy or sad) that one՚s upon a time he was on the spot where he had to choose one path and he had chosen the one which was travelled by less number of people and it had lead him to the position where he will be in future.
  • He is giving strong massage by the poem that, the path you choose for your self will decide that where you will be in future.