NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 16 Summary of Story- ‘I MUST KNOW the TRUTH’

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It is story of Aradhana who is dancer and she is good dancer and going to do inaugural dance for annual dance show of a music school. She must be happy and exited, but instead of it she is upset let us find out what makes her upset?

Section 16.1 Summary of - ‘Aradhana’

  • Aradhana is great dancer and she got opportunity to inaugural dance in the annual dance show of the Kamala Devi School of Dance and Music commenced. Just before the dance Aradhana՚s sister visit backstage to meet Aradhana.
  • While she was hugging Aradhana scream “See what you՚ve done,” ? And further she added, you՚ve crushed the flowers in my hair. And she pulled her hair back into place and started to arrange the pleats of her Bharatnatyam dress.
  • Simmi (sister of Aradhana) praises her for her look and told her that she is looking very beautiful. Aradhana did not believe her and turn to mirror and stared at herself. They both make eye contact and Simmi again whispered that you are beautiful my sister even without the flowers, ornaments and all this, and while saying this Aradhana brushed down her silken dress and said “You are so.” she stop there.
  • Simmi knows what Aradhana is want to say, Aradhana is darker them Simmi so she was trying to say “Fair, Fair.” Simmi was little angry, she do not believe all this and she believe that only fair skin is not only thing that matter, good figure, a chiselled face, beauty that lies within are also most important factor.
  • Aradhana has great features and was more talented then Simmi but she had darker skin tone the Simmi, which makes Simmi angry she fills “How did it matter if she was darker than me?”
  • Simmi tries to encourage Aradhana and told her you are so beautiful and talented and you will prove it today in show.
  • In return Aradhana smiled and said, “You better leave now Simmi, keep fingers crossed.”
  • As Simmi turned to leave she saw Dadima and Aunt Pramela are coming to meet Aradhana through the crowd of excited girls. As Aradhana see Aunt Pramela she rolled up her eyes in mock horror, and said If it isn՚t a bad omen!
  • Simmi tells Aradhana, do not be mean and smile Bharatnatyam style. Their mother come behind from Dadima and tells that, grandmother was suffering from rheumatism waddle still she comes to wish Aradhana.
  • The mother gave her best smile to Aradhana and she looks ten years younger when she smiles. She adjusted Aradhana՚s blouse and patted her on the shoulders and told her that, their grandfather has also come to see Aradhana and he is sitting in the front row.
  • Simmi and Aradhana՚s Father also came to encourage her. The mother tells her that, they all are so proud of Aradhana as she was selected to inaugurate the Annual Show of your school.
  • Her father and mother had brought something very special for Aradhana on this important event. They wanted to give it to her on her eighteenth birthday which was coming next month, but they thought today was a more appropriate occasion. They also wanted that she wear it today.
  • A mother turns towards Simmi and told her to bring gift from their father, Simmi asked inn confusion that, what have they brought for Aradhana? Her mother replies her that let it be and she will bring it by her own. She also told Simmi to help grandmother and aunt Pramela back to their seats.
  • But Grandma refuses to set and say she has not even had time to look at Aradhana properly. And had not talk to her so she do not wants to go
  • She looked at Aradhana and told her that she is looking wonderful and she has great figure so do not neglect as I did. Aradhana smiled politely and said she will not neglect.
  • Further grandmother said that Aradhana is a real young lady, soon they have to start looking for a suitable match for her.
  • Aradhana fills little embarrassed. Grandmother turn to aunt Pramela said that time is flying, isn՚t it Pramela?
  • Pramela reply that yes, it is, she added that it seems it was just yesterday when Sunita brought Aradhana home. How skinny she was, skinny and dark.
  • After hearing this Simmi gasp and stared aghast at Aunt Pramela.
  • She thinks that how could she say such hurting words in front of Aradhana? Because she knows that Aradhana is so touchy about dark complexion. So why aunt Pramela have to hang on it today of all days?
  • Grandmother told aunt Pramela to be quiet, then grab aunt Pramela՚s elbow pulled her away, whispering fiercely all the time. Aradhana looks hurt which also affect hurt Simmi.
  • Simmi hold Aradhana՚s hand and squeezed it and told her to forget her she՚s mad and mean and miserable.
  • But Aradhana gave a small laugh which sounded more like a cry.

Section 16.2 Summary of - ‘Aradhana Wants to Know Truth’

  • Aradhana is shocked and devastated and she grandmother to tell her the truth.
  • Simmi tried to pull Aradhana away from the mirror, grandma and Aunt Pramela.
  • But aunt Pramela՚s raised her voice in aggression and said that of course Aradhana needs to know and Come, Aradhana, ignore her.
  • But aunt Pramela did not stop their and says in low voice (but not low enough for us) that she had told Sunita many times, an adopted child must know the truth. She has to tell Aradhana sooner or later. She must know.
  • Simmi stared at aunt Pramela and says, Adopted child! Aradhana an adopted child? She held out a hand that didn՚t quite reach Aradhana.
  • Simmi՚s arms hung suspended in mid-air just like Aunt Pramela՚s poisoned words.
  • Simmi was in deep shock; suddenly she heard her grandmother՚s voice.
  • Grandmother warned Pramela aunt not to say a world now and all these things should be informed by Sunita not you.
  • Simmi was so frustrated at this point and wanted to scream that it՚s too late now and look what you՚ve done aunt Pramela.
  • Aradhana was just frozen, Simmi screamed “Aradhana, Aradhana,” and shook her by the shoulders but Aradhana was answering.
  • Simmi calls Dadi for help, Grandmother came, wobbling on heavy feet, and asked what the matter is.
  • Aradhana was not speaking a world still the silent scream continued although her lips were closed, grandmother and aunt Pramela both flapped around her.
  • Mrs. Kothari, the Principal and the students of the Dance School wanted to know what was wrong.
  • Simmi hugs Aradhana and was crying hopelessly, she was keep telling to Aradhana that “It is not true.”
  • Aradhana freed herself from Simmi՚s embrace and was staring at Aunt Pramela, she asked Dadima “Is it true, is it?”
  • Aradhana screaming and asking to her grandmother and aunt Pramela that she wants to know the truth.
  • Grandmother was trying her best to consul Aradhana and was keep saying that everything is all right, don՚t get so upset my child.
  • Still Aradhana was asking for the truth.
  • Grandmother tells Simmi to call her mother quickly and Simmi was going to call her mom through the crowd of silent onlookers as she reached the door she heard grief voice of Aradhana who was saying to leave her alone. Oh, why don՚t you leave me alone?