NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 21 Summary- ‘READING with UNDERSTANDING’

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Section 21.1 Summary of Seen or Unseen Passage- ‘Why Education is Important’

  • Many people have misconception about education as they fill that acquiring certain knowledge and skills in order to earn their living.
  • But education is not just way to earning only; it is much more than that.
  • Education is emotions and feelings which enhance our life.
  • These emotions and feelings are most important actors for social beings; they both can be very helpful to interact with fellow beings with other members of that society.
  • Childhood is a pillar of socialization so education helps to develop socialization in child and make them responsible citizens, so that they can contribute to the progress of the community, society and the country at large.
  • And such kind of citizens leads the countries to a great-nation so that the nation can hold their head high in the community of nations.
  • Thus education is not just way of earning living to lead a prosperous material life but instead of this it gives higher purpose of life.
  • Education also pays important role in to shaping child՚s personality and prepares them to face challenges of life.
  • The process of encouraging the sense of cooperation and co-existence, a feeling of love and brotherhood and an attitude of caring and sharing starts form home and it get stronger with proper perspective and policy underlying education.
  • Education helps to develop the capacity to appreciate the finer aspects of life instead of only build up material wealth.
  • So, a person becomes a good human being and prepares every individual to lead a purposeful and meaningful life which is the main prospective of education.
  • However, the intellectual inputs prepare an individual to earn his or her living but it should not stop with that.
  • It should teach us how to handle stresses and strains of modern life.

Section 21.2 Summary of Seen or Unseen Passage- ‘How to Deal with Stress’

  • Stress is mental tension or anxiety which is cause by the work which is hard to deal. For example, suppose any student have no any interest for a particular subject but he/she take it due to some external pressure but find difficult to cope with it then this situation lead to stress. Every work gets spoiled when any one՚s mind is under stress.
  • When you are enabling to do something well then this feeling will lead to diffidence gradually and this diffidence leads to a feeling of inferiority.
  • And persons with such inferiority complex put themselves in stress.
  • Then as result they fill loss of interest and they breakdown physically, mentally, emotionally and morally.
  • So that whenever we found anyone in situation of stress or not able to cope with work, studies, problems etc. Then we must try to find out the cause of the problem with a calm and cool mind.
  • A person who is in stress must take a break and try to find out resign where something went wrong.
  • And if a person is not able to solve the issue by their own they should ask for help without any hesitation. They must have to be open-minded and honest about their weaknesses and deficiencies. Because it is better to share a problem and find a solution to it.
  • To see that pressure or tension does not build up and haunt a person, one should programme one՚s work. And must choose task which is within their capacity and find out an easy way to accomplish one՚s goal. But it՚s only possible if one has a calm and balanced mind and lots of patience.
  • To build self-confidence starts with the easy task, then self-confidence will lead you to an improved perspective and prepares you to deal with more difficult problems and solve them.
  • Slowly you will get idea that every problem has solution and with this realization, stress will automatically vanish.
  • Another reason of stress in today՚s world is race to be on top and be successful.
  • Main resign behind this race is greed and jealousy rather than by an estimation of our own abilities.
  • If you wish for ambition beyond your ability or capacity then leads to failure thus creating negative feelings and undesirable attitudes.
  • It՚s human nature that when things goes wrong and not work as we have planed the anger takes over and an angry person cannot take right actions.
  • And any decision taken in anger will lead to clashes, quarrels and disputes which cause problems not only to the individual but to his family and friends also.
  • And at time try to change your work which will feel refreshed.
  • Hobbies play a very important role in shaping our personality.
  • When you are doing mental work from long time you should prefer to do some physical work which will decrease the pressure on mind and improve your mental efficiency.
  • Most easy way to avoid stress you should listen to music of your choices, taking a long walk-in congenial environment and pursuing a hobby of your choice.

Section 21.3 Summary of Seen or Unseen Passage- ‘Time Management’

  • How to do right things at the right time and manage time to avoid stress let՚s find out below.
  • Without using time in organized way to achieve success, It՚s seems impossible to avoid stress.
  • Today world has changing in many different ways, and if we need to cop up with this change, we need to manage time efficiently and those who do not able to do so will left behind.
  • In current scenario time is most precious and valuable thing, so we should be careful in its use.
  • And use our time in best manner is known as time management.

Time management is most important thing; you must have to plan your activities in advance so it can be performed in given time. Here are some tips to manage time plans:

  • List all activities to be performed at a certain time, e. g. :- in the morning – preparing breakfast, going to work etc.
  • Underline all activities which need to be done at a definite time, e. g. :- reaching office on time or dropping a child at the bus stop.
  • Make an estimate of the time required for various activities, e. g. : cooking – 40 minutes, studying – 1 hour etc.
  • Arrange the activities in the sequence in which they need to be done.
  • Keep in mind the schedule of other family members and make necessary adjustments as and when required.
  • Once you have listed out your priorities write them down. This is your time plan.

But do not avoid some important points while making time plan

  • Must have enough time for rest and entertainment.
  • The plan should be practical, feasible and realistic.

People who have always respected time and understand its value have achieved greatness and glory in their life.

They had understood the value of time and those who don՚t know how to utilize time and west it, while the great men use their time to meet the challenges of life and achieve success.

So, everyone should have a programme and a schedule to achieve their objectives.

But such programmes must be according to mental and physical capacities to avoid stress.