NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 25 Summary of- ‘BholI’ Section 25.3 Summary of Story By-K. A. Abbas- ‘Bholi՚s Confidence’

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Section 25.3 Summary of Story by - K. A. Abbas - ‘Bholi՚s Confidence’

  • Bholi՚s fear was converted in to confidence over the years, and her teacher had encouraged her to speak. Many things get changed in past few years such as Bholi՚s village becomes town, the little primary school became a high school, there were now a cinema under a tin shed and a cotton ginning mill, the mail train began to stop at their railway station.
  • One night, after dinner, Bholi՚s were talking about her marriage and they were not aware that Bholi was awake and was listening what they were whispering.
  • Actually, Bholi՚s father was talking about her marriage proposal which was offered by a Bishamber Nath, Ramlal and his wife though that they were so lucky to get such good proposal for their dumb-driven cow (Bholi) .
  • Bishamber Nath was honour of big grocery shop and had big house too, he was rich person but he was almost age of Ramlal and had children from his first wife. He was also limps. Bholi՚s mother told her father that forty-five or fifty — it is no great age for a man. And they were lucky that Bishamber Nath was from another village and does not know about her pock-marks and her lack of sense. So they though if they does not accept Bishamber՚s proposal, Bholi may remain unmarried all her life.
  • Rmanlal was concerned about if Bholi would agree to this but his wife told him that do not worry about Bholi, as she thinks that Bholi is foolish and so they do not ask her. Bishamber Nath came with a big party of friends and relations with him for the wedding.
  • The atmosphere of wedding was set well a brass-band playing a popular tune from an Indian film headed the procession, with the bridegroom riding a decorated horse.
  • Ramlal was very happy as he never thought of Bholi would got married in such well to do family, he was amazed to see such pomp and splendour. Along with Ramlal Bholi՚s elder sisters who had come to attend her marriage were also thinking that she is very lucky. Then the auspicious moment came the priest said, “Bring the bride.”
  • Bholi was dressed in a red silken bridal dress, was led to the bride՚s place near the sacred fire.
  • Bishamber Nath՚s friend told him to garland the bride. Bishamber Nath lifted the garland of yellow marigolds and a woman slipped back the silken veil from the bride՚s face. Bishamber got glimpse of Bholi and the garland remained poised in his hands. Bholi slowly pulled down the veil over her face.
  • Bishamber asked his friend that do they had seen Bholi՚s face which is full of pockmarks. His friend replies that it does not matter because you are not young any more.
  • But Bishamber Nath made his mind, he would only marry Bholi if Ramlal give him five thousand rupees otherwise he would not go back without marriage.
  • Ramlal went and placed his turban at Bishamber՚s feet and requested him not to humiliate and accept two thousand rupees. But Bishamber was stuck to five thousand rupees. Ramlal puts five thousand rupees in Bishamber Nath՚s feet. Bishamber had greedy smile. He asked for the garland. The veil was slipped one՚s agene from the bride՚s face, but this time Bholi՚s eyes were looking up. She was straight at Bishamber but instead of anger and hate she had cold contempt in her eyes.
  • Bishamber raised the garland to place it round the Bholi՚s neck; but suddenly Bholi՚s hand struck out like a streak of lightning and the garland was flung into the fire. She got up and threw away the veil.
  • Bholi loudly pronounce his father “Pitaji!” With this her father, mother, sisters, brothers, relations and neighbours were shocked to hear her speak without even the slightest stammer. She told Ramlal to take his money back and she does not want to marry Bishamber Nath. The guests began to whisper that Bholi was behaving very shamelessly.
  • Angry Ramlal asked Bholi, is she crazy? And do you want to disgrace your family? Have some regard for our izzat!
  • Bholi replies that she does not want to marry this lame old man because she do not want a mean, greedy and contemptible coward man as my husband. In between one aunty said how a shameless girl! she was a harmless dumb cow.
  • Bholi replies that old woman with anger that she is right as you all thought Bholi was a dumb-driven cow and that՚s why they all wanted to hand over her to this heartless creature.
  • Bishamber Nath, went back with his party. The confused bandsmen thought this was the end of the ceremony and struck up a closing song.
  • Ramlal was in big shock as his head bowed low with the weight of grief and shame. The flames of the sacred fire slowly died down. Everyone lives the place. Ramlal asked Bholi what would you do now, no one will ever marry you now.
  • Sulekha replied to his father in calm and steady voice that she will tack care of him and her mother and will teach in the same school where she learnt so much. She looked at her teacher who was stood in a corner isn՚t that right, Ma՚am?
  • The teacher replied yes with smiling eyes. There was the light of a deep satisfaction in teacher՚s eyes which usually an artist feels when he contemplates the completion of his masterpiece.


Simple Past Tense

  • The simple past tense is used to describe the things which are already exist or happened.
  • Structure:
    • Subject + V2 + Object
    • For example: We went to Ahmadabad last Sunday
  • Negative Sentences:
    • Subject + did + not + V1 + Object
    • For example: We did not make a roti yesterday.
  • Question Sentences:
    • Did + Subject + V1 + Object + ?
    • For example: Did we make a roti yesterday?

Past Perfect Tense

  • The Past perfect tense is used to talk about actions that were completed before some point in past.


  • Subject + Have + V3 + Object
  • For example: We have gone to Ahmadabad last Sunday.

Negative Sentences:

  • Subject + Have + not + V3 + Object
  • For example: We have not made a roti yesterday.

Question Sentences:

  • Have + Subject + V1 + Object + ?
  • For example: Have we make a roti yesterday?