NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 27 Summary of- ‘MANAGING the TELEPHONE’ Section 27.1 Summary of – ‘Calling Out Telephone Numbers’

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Section 27.1 Summary of – ‘Calling Out Telephone Numbers’

  • The telephone is the most effective and most frequently used communication way of current world.
  • Managing the telephone is scaled job to do which requires tact, training good skill in speaking. While communicating way Telephone you must have to be clear with your voice and must be brief to the point without sounding abrupt or rude and last but not list be a good listener.
  • Earphone must to be close to ear which wills helps to listen carefully. A communicator must require taking definite decisions or actions according to what they hear on call and have to made decision quickly to save time and money.
  • Try not to be over loud or over quiet as it can make conversation very awkward.
  • Don՚t leave the caller on hold for long because it could bored anyone.
  • Usually, a receptionist does the work of a telephone operator by receiving incoming calls, transferring out-going calls, helping people to get in touch.
  • Telephone numbers play a very important part.
  • While any one is representing any organization by call, they must have to mention telephone number and the name of the organisation in the beginning of a call; and ask caller to verify identity or pass on a number to someone in the office as requested. So, it՚s necessary to repeat telephone numbers and communicate them in a well-defined manner.

The following general rules should be followed:

  • Figure ‘0’ should be pronounced as ‘zero’ or “oh” .
  • Numbers should be grouped in two digits, giving a slight pause between each pair. So, 432 is, four/pause/three two.
  • Within the pairs refer to numbers in digits. Eg. 32 is; three two not thirty-two 5642 is five six/pause/four two,
  • When the same number/figure occurs in a pair between two pauses, use ‘double’ . Eg. 14456 is one/pause/double four/five six.
  • But when a pause falls between repeated digits- i.e.. , each number forms a part of another group – pronounce each number separately. Eg. 500222 is five/zero/zero/two double two.
  • When you give or ask for a telephone number, always repeat it to confirm if you have the right number. Ask for confirmation if the caller does not give it.
  • Example:

Chris: I՚ll give you, my number. It՚s 6416673.

Mary: Sorry, did you say 6416673?

Chris: Yes, that՚s right.

Mary: Thanks.

Paul: Could you call me on 301757595?

Ravi: Just a minute, I՚ll repeat it … 301 757 595.

Paul: Right, Bye.

Section 27.2 Summary of – ‘In-Coming Calls: Practice’

  • Receptionists have to attend to many calls every day. Every call includes some giving and taking of information which must have to note down, conveyed and acted upon.
  • Let՚s see three pieces of conversation and study each carefully and note the expressions, vocabulary and turns (exchanges) .
Air India Assistant:Air India. Reservations. Krishna Roy speaking. Can I help you?
Keshav Kalsi:Hello. I have a ticket for a flight to Tokyo and I need to change it. My name՚s Keshav Kalsi. That՚s K-A-LS-I.
AI assistant:AI-306. Okay. And the date?
Keshav Kalsi:Well, I have a booking for August sixth, but I really want to be in Tokyo on August sixth, so I want to fly the day before.
AI Assistant:Sorry. Could you repeat the dates, please?
Keshav Kalsi:I want to change my flight from August sixth to August fifth.
AI Assistant:I see. Okay, Can I have your name again, please?
Keshav Kalsi:Yes, its Keshav Kalsi.
AI assistant:Could you spell that, please, and give me your PNR number.
Keshav Kalsi:K-E-S-H-A-V. Keshav-that՚s my first name. And, K-A-L-S-I- Kalsi- that՚s my surname. My PNR number T - 748.
AI Assistant:That՚s fine, Mr Kalsi. Hold on, please. I՚ll check the availability of a seat for August 5th.
Receptionist:Good morning. Simla Studios. Can I help you?
Richard:Hi! I՚d like to speak to Jaya Chawla. Is she in today?
Receptionist:No. I՚m sorry she՚s not here today.
Richard:Oh, dear. This is Richard Jones. I need to speak to her. It՚s urgent.
Receptionist:Would you like her home number, Mr. Jones?
Richard:No, it՚s okay, thank you. Could you tell her I called and ask her to ring me tomorrow morning? The number is 09156877.
Richard:Right! I՚ll be available at this number till half past eleven.
Receptionist:Yes, of course, Mr. Jones. I՚ll give her the message.
Operator:Good morning, Escorts Ltd. Can. I help you?
Caller:Please connect me to Mr. Guna Shekhar, the Sales manager.
Operator:Who shall I say is calling?
Caller:George Matthews, The proprietor of Royal Stores.
Operator:Please hold the line, I՚ll check if Mr. Guna Shekar is in. (Connects to Extension. no response.)
: I՚m sorry Mr. Mathews, Mr. Guna Shekar isn՚t in at the moment. Shall I take down a message for him?
Caller:Please do. It՚s urgent. (Operator begins to write on a Telephone Memo.)
Telephone Memo
ToTelephone Memo
Mgr. Sales

From, Mathews, Royal Stores

Time: 10.30 A. M. Date 12.9. 98 Phone 2728296
URGENT Inquiry- goods dispatch on 10.9, not received. Worried-paid for goods. Taken by …
Guna Shekar Had Informed Ten Crates of Rajdoot Spare Parts
Caller:You see, Mr. Guna Shekar had informed me that ten crates of Rajdoot spare Parts had been dispatched from your factory for my store on 10th morning. Well, they should have been here by the afternoon. But I՚m sorry to say that it is the 12th today and they haven՚t as yet arrived. It՚s an important matter. The payment had been made in cash when the order was booked. This delay is making me very nervous. I don՚t …
Operator:I՚ll pass the message on to him the moment he՚s in. Could I have your number please?
Caller:Yes of course. It՚s 2728296. Thank you.
Operator:My pleasure. (At every ten minute - interval the operator tries to contact Mr. Guna Shekar. After half an hour …)
Operator:This is from the Switch Board Sir. There was a call for you from Mr. Mathew of Royal Stores at half past ten. He said it was urgent, sir. The goods dispatched on 10th have not been received as yet. He is worried since the payment has already been made. That՚s all, sir.
Guna Shekar:Thanks, Meena. Could you connect me to Royal Stores, please?
Operator:Please hold on for a moment, sir. I՚ll get Mr. Mathew on the line for you. (Dials) 2 72 82 96.
Operator:Mr. Guna Shekar is on the line and wishes to speak to you.
(To M) :Please hold on.
(To G) :Mr. Guna Shekar, please speak on. Mr. Mathew is on the line.