NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 27B Summary of- ‘WRITING MEMOS and LETTERS’

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The ways of communication are different in office and personal communication. Whereas personal communication has no any rules but in office communication is based on procedures and rules.

Office mostly prefers written communication to keep track on record for reference.

Two very important kinds of written communication in office are memos and letters.

Section 27B. 1 Summary of – ‘Memo’

  • According to The Long man Concise Dictionary of Business English memo is “an in formal written or typed message to someone in the same office or organisation, sent in place of a letter.” Or “a short informal note or report-on some deal or event or conversation.”
  • A memo is suitable to exchange messages from within the organization.
  • Memo՚s are not a notices or letters they just used to give information or instruction

Steps to Write a Memo

  • Define the subject of Memo clearly and accurately.
  • Write actual message directly.
  • Make sentences short and simple.
  • Give preference to direct statements using personal pronouns if necessary. For example, instead of saying, “The Direct wants to compile all monthly reports.” say- “I have been asked by the Director to compile all monthly reports by the 7th of the month.”
  • Write massage point wise.
  • Make it as short as possible as reader may be a busy person and may not have time to read a long message.
  • Example of a memo (Memorandum) .
The Memorandum

12th Nov. 2018

From:- Director (Building)

Subject:- Damage Products

To:- Production Manager

We have got four complaints about getting damage products recently, so it becomes area of concern now. We do not doubt your ability but pay more attention in product checking.

  • Please do servicing of all machines.
  • Be careful on product checking stage.


Director (Building)

Section 27B. 2 Summary of – ‘Letter of Compliment’

  • Letters of complaint is used address any type of wrong-doing, offense, service etc.
  • State the complaint clearly and be polite without blaming anyone while drafting letters of complaint.
  • Also give relevant references and details and must state very clearly what we want the company to do.
  • Format of letter should be:
The Letters of Complaint
Sender՚s Name Date


Address of receiver



  • References
  • Nature of defect
  • Request for replacement


Let՚s take example of letter where PikBoo fashion got some defective cloth material from their vendor.

Letter of PikBoo Fashion
From: 22nd Nov 2020

PikBoo Fashions

New Ranip, Ahmadabad


Geeta Textiles

Aodhav, Ahmadabad

Subject: Defective supply

Dear Sir,

We want to complain about 240-meter cloth material which was supplied by you invoice letter No. NL/RP/. FP/2000 dated 20th Nov, 2020.

We regret to inform you that 65-meter cloth have following defects:

Colour faded

Big wholes


Please replace the 65-meter material as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

R. D. Patel