NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 29 Summary of- ‘CONTROLLING STRATEGIES and OUT-GOING CALLS’

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Section 29.1 Summary of – ‘Controlling Strategies’

  • Controlling a conversation is an important skill which helps in effective communication and message taking and giving. Here are some strategies to get better control over conversation.
  • Control on conversation is become necessary because of most of the callers tend to chat, talk unimportantly and keep the telephone lines busy unnecessarily.
  • It is important to know what information is needed and how to give brief and direct information without giving offence.
  • Sometime situation becomes difficult to handle let us lookup upon some of the common problems and tips on how to deal with them.

Problem – 1 Message Not Clear

Many time disturbing sounds and noises comes in the background due to which the message gets disturbed. And in some of the situation people can՚t understand actual important details because of long or difficult answers.

Example – I

Problem – 1 Message Not Clear
Mariam:Well, when do people start work in Japan?
Nakatane:Most Japanese companies are open from nine to five. Some open earlier and some open later, but they don՚t usually close later then six.
Mariam:So, the normal hours of business are nine to five?
Nakatane:Yes, that՚s right
Mariam:I see, thanks.

Here you will notice that simple information was asked that when the people starts work in Japan but Nakatane had made the massage difficult by giving such big massage which was not needed at all.

Example – II

Problem – 1 Message Not Clear Example II
Receptionist:Hard Rock Cafe. May I help you?
Carl:Yes, can I make a reservation for two for Saturday, the 16th, please?
Receptionist:Certainly, for what time?
Carl:Well, five or half past five is still early. Six might be all right.
Receptionist:Shall I put it down as six then? And could I have your name and telephone number?
Carl:Sure. My name is Carl Maro and the telephone number is 590 - 3442.
Receptionist:Sorry, I didn՚t catch that.
Carl:It՚s 590 - 3442.
Receptionist:OK, Mr. Maro, a table for two at 6 on Saturday, the 16th will be reserved for you.
Carl:Thank you. Goodbye.
Receptionist:Good bye.

Here the message is not clearly stated so receptionist has to clear it by asking again and again.

Problem – 2, Multiple Enquiries

  • It՚s difficult for receptionists to perform multiple tasks at the same time whether they were at reservation and cancellation counter, newspaper offices, hospitals, etc.
  • They need exact details and noting down while attending to other tasks such as collecting gate-passes, handing over brochures or any other is difficult.
  • But callers may not aware of this all for example; one may speak too quickly or too softly.
  • So here are some tips to keep control of the conversation:

Ask the other person to slow down.

  • Could you speak a little more slowly, please? Ask the other person to repeat key facts.
    • Could you repeat the dates, please?
    • Can I have you name again, please?
  • Ask for information in the order according to need.
    • Can I have your flight number first, please?
  • Ask the other caller to spell his/her name or place names in addresses.
    • Could you spell that, please?
  • Make a check list of points which should be covered in call before making call.

Section 29.2 Summary of – ‘Out-Going Calls’

Out-going calls means calls from users to destinations outside of the customer service.

Let՚s understand it with some examples:

Example 1:

Destinations Outside of the Customer Service
1st Operator:Switch board, can I help you?
Manager:Good morning, Deepak Sharma here. Could I have an out-side line, please?
1st operator:Sure. What՚s the number, sir? (Notes the number in a pad) Please hold on, sir. I՚ll find out if Mr. Yadav is available. (dials) 507822. (Engaged tone) Sorry sir the Cooper line is engaged I՚ll call you back later when Mr. Yadav is on the line.
Manager:That suits me. I՚m in my office for the next half an hour (rings off) .
1st Operator:Is it 507822?
2nd Operator:Wrong number. This is 50 87 22.
1st Operator:Oh sorry (dial Again) Is this 50 78 22, Coopers Ltd. ?
3rd Operator:Yes, may I help you?
1st Operator:Mr. Deepak Sharma from Escort Ltd. wishes to speak to Mr. Vikram Yadav, Assistant Manager, Production.
3rd Operator:Please hold on. I՚ll check if he՚s in (through Extn.) Mr. Deepak Sharma from Escorts wishes to speak to you, sir. Shall I send the call in.
Yadav:Yes, put him on.
3rd Operator:Please hold the line. The call will be through in a moment. (to Deepak) Mr. Yadav is on the line.
Manager:Mr. Sharma, Mr. Yadav from Coopers is on the line for you. Please speak to your party.

(Through Extn,) (Connects the two) .

Here this example shows how to gets control over out-going calls.

Example 2:

Destinations Outside of the Customer Service
Deepa:Good morning, Operator, what can I do for you?
Director:Good morning. This is the Director. I would like you to ring Air Travel and book me a ticket by the morning flight to Bombay tomorrow.
Deepa:Yes, sir, I՚ll ring back after I՚ve heard from them.
Director:That should be fine, thank you.
Deepa:(Refers to directory or personal list for the no.) Is this 619434, Air Travels, please?
Operator:Yes, what can I do for you?
Deepa:I would like to book an air ticket to Bombay by tomorrow՚s morning flight. Could you connect me to the concerned person?
Operator:Mr. Kukreti, Booking In-charge handles this. I՚ll call him on the line. Please hold on.
Deepa:Thank you (pause) .
Operator:Mr. Kukreti is on the line. Kukreti: Good morning what can I do for you?
Deepa:I՚m speaking from Escorts Ltd. Mr. Malhotra the Director would like to book an air ticket to Bombay by Indian Airlines early morning flight tomorrow. Would it be available?
Kukreti:Well, I՚ll be with you in a moment. I՚ll check the reservation chart to see if there have been any cancellations. I think we are full up. (After some delay) .

Well, your director is lucky. There՚s only a single seat available. Who should I book it for?

Deepa:Mr. D. V. Malhotra. M-A-L-H-O-T-R-A. Managing Director, Escorts Ltd. Did you get the name please or shall I repeat?
Kukreti:No thanks. I got it – D. V. Malhotra.
Deepa:How much would that cost?
Kukreti:₹ 9550/-
Deepa:Do you accept cheques?
Kukreti:Yes, till 3 o՚clock only.
Deepa:Thank you very much Mr. Kukreti. I՚ll have a man sent for the ticket by noon. Please hand it over to him.
Kukreti:You՚re most welcome.

Section 29.3 Summary of – ‘Dialogue Analysis’

Mostly similar kinds of expressions are used in out-going and in-coming calls. But there are some differences and they are as below:

Giving Identity for Out-going calls:

  • Good morning, Operator here. Can I help you?
  • Switch board, what can I do for you?
  • Reception, Operator speaking.

In the case where you call inside your factory or office you might not need to give your introduction in incoming calls but in the case, you got call from outside of entity you must give your complete identity so the caller got the right extension.

Caller giving identity in In-coming calls:

  • Sharma here.
  • That is the director speaking.
  • Hello, there՚s work for you.

However, the caller does not need to introduce his/her self if he/she has worked in a place for some time will recognize persons from their voices.

Caller excuses himself: — Please hold the line while I find out.

And gives reasons before. Would you mind holding on while I look into the.

Leaving a call hanging:

While you are doing out-going calls, you might have to ask to do particular task such as find out a particular number, get information and then pass on the message. So make list of most of the common information that you might get inquiries for example:

Leaving a Call Hanging
Air TravelsMr. Kukreti, Reserv. In-ch.619434
Bombay DecoratorsMiss Krishnan, Int-dec.5422

Lastly, priority list is the must as it an important to put official call at first over the personal calls.