NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 29B Summary of- ‘WRITING REPORTS’

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  • Reports are a form of written communication. Its business organisations report are brief information regarding progress, implementation of plans and programmes, or regarding some event which are already done or to be organized. Report is systematic and well-organized presentation of facts or information.

Section 29B. 1 Summary of – ‘How to Write a Report?’

  • While writing a report something to keep in mind:
    • What is the purpose of the report?
    • Are you expected to present facts only?
    • Are you expected to provide an analysis and make recommendation as well?
    • When is the report due?
  • When you got answers of these questions you can start writing the report.
  • The process of writing a report involves the following stages:-
    • Investigating the sources of information
    • Taking notes
    • Interpreting and analysing the facts
    • Writing the outline of the report
    • Editing and revising the report
    • Submitting the report
  • Let՚s take the example: Mr. Shailesh works in a firm in Udaipur. He has been asked to visit warehouse located in Jaipur and submit a report on how that office is functioning.
  • Below is tour report of Shailesh bhai.
Report of Shailesh Bhai
12.05. 2018

To: Mr. J. P. Sharma (Manager)

From: Patel Shailesh (Assistant Director)

Subject: Report on the working of our Jaipur warehouse.

As per instructions I left for Jaipur on the 8th May and arrived there on the 9th, I spent days at Jaipur warehouse. My report is as follows:-

1. Attendance: Although staff members including labour were required to reach warehouse by 10.00 a. m. most of the members arrived till 10: 10 a. m.

2. Inventory management record: Inventory was well maintained as we expected and records of all in/out products were also well maintained.

3. Warehouse maintenance: The warehouse was generally well maintained.

Recommendations: everything seems well going but I suggest we might have to expand our warehouse space, because as per my point of view we are growing fast and might be uncomfortable for labours to work in small space.


Patel Shailesh

  • Some of the important points to keep in mind while writing a tour report:
    • A tour report is generally written in the form of a memo.
    • It is addressed to one՚s superior.
    • In the subject line give the destination and dates of the tour.
    • In the body of the report, you should explain why you made the tour and what you achieved.
    • Each major piece of information may be listed under a separate heading.
  • Similarly, when you are writing accident report, some of the important points to keep in mind:
    • Get immediately to the point.
    • Describe in detail any physical injury to any person or damage in property. This is required to settle insurance claims or compensations.
    • Mention what caused the accident.
    • Present your recommendations.

Let՚s us take example of accident report

Example of Accident Report
To: Mr. B. M. Bhansal (Manager)

From: Mr. P. S. Modi (Supervisor)

Date: 20 February, 2018

Subject: Fire at the Jaipur Warehouse.

On 17th February 2018, at approximately 4.15 p. m. there was a fire at the Jaipur warehouse, due to which property of worth 25 lacs is damaged.

We got the information in the Delhi office by fax at 5.10 p. m. , the same day. I proceeded to Jaipur by flight that evening, and was there on the morning of 18th February.

Company՚s Instructions Flouted

While it is difficult to ascertain the cause of the fire, my enquiries revealed that many of the Company՚s standing instructions had been flouted. For example:

i. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the warehouse, but this rule is never followed.

ii. During lunch hour, it is common practice to switch on an electric stove to heat food.

iii. Visitors/dealers are often allowed to enter the warehouse, and they can even smoke if they wish.

iv. There were four fire-extinguishers in the warehouse, besides the eight in the office, but not a single fire-extinguisher was in proper working condition. Fire-extinguishers must be ‘charged’ every year, but in the case of the Lucknow office, these had not been ‘charged’ for nearly four years.

Extent of Damage

No member of the staff was hurt, but the total damage to the company՚s stock in trade amounts to ₹ 25 lacs. This includes ₹ 5 lac worth of goods damaged by water.

Explanation Asked For

I have called for a written explanation from the storekeepers, which I expect to get by tomorrow. Action will be taken after I receive their explanations.


P. S. Modi