NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 30 Summary of- ‘AIDS for a RECEPTIONIST’ Section 30.4 Summary of – ‘Emergency Services’

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Section 30.4 Summary of – ‘Emergency Services’

  • The receptionist has to tackle many emergencies such as accidents, thefts, hold-ups, fire, shoot outs which are very common. So, they must have to keep the emergency numbers handy.
  • For example:
    • Police: 100
    • Fire: 101
    • Ambulance: 108 and many more.
  • Let՚s us understand it better with some dialogue examples for emergency services
Dialogue Example for Emergency Services
Receptionist:(Dials 108)
Operator:Yes? How may i help you?
Receptionist:Hello I am calling from Ananta Udaipur. here one of over guest is suffering from sudden heart attack, it is getting serious and we are not able to handle them so please help us!
Operator:Do not worry we will reach to you within few minutes, and make sure patient is in comfortable position. Please share your perfect address.
Receptionist:Ananta Udaipur

Near city lack,

Operator:Thank you, we will reach as faster as possible.

Section 30.5 Summary of – ‘Dialogue Analysis’

In the case of Emergency service, the following steps should be strictly followed:

  • Dial an emergency number for example 100 for Police; 101 for Fire and 108 for Ambulance immediately.
  • Give the service you need to the Exchange Operator immediately along with your telephone number.
  • When connected with the right Emergency Authority, give them your address and any other useful information to direct them. While giving directions it is best to.
    • Refer to some landmark nearby so that they can easily understand your address for example: CIEFL is a little after Arts College, at the fork of the road.
    • Mention the approximate distance between the two places.
    • Give approximate time taken to travel by a particular vehicle between the two places
    • Give the complete postal address

Section 30.6 Summary of – ‘Using Visual Language’

  • People usually approach the reception desk asking for direction. So, it՚s necessary for receptionist to have an accurate knowledge of the layout of the office or hotel. Having access to the ground plan or map helps them to their job better.
  • For example:

Any guest who is staying in a hotel ask receptionist for banquet hall. then the receptionist can easily make them understand where to go. E. g. , receptionist shows them floor plan of hotel and tells them you have to take south direction for Banquet Hall. This will be convent for both.

Hotel Ground Floor Plan