NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) , Class 12 English: Chapter 4 Summary Of-Father Dear Father

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Summary of Section - ‘a Letter to Father’

  • A boy writes a letter in reply to his father about his transgression.
  • Father had advised him to think and be careful while you are answering a paper because according to him rank is all about study.
  • But by chance a boy has ranked second instead of first, so his father is not so happy with his result and advised him.
  • And in reply of his father՚s anger, he is trying to proving his thoughts and point of view by with his latter because they are so important for him.
  • He says, you (father) are earning good for family but they both do not share a good relationship, he does not find a friend, philosopher or guide in his father.
  • He asked his father do you or any of your including doctor, lawyer or businessman is using Pythagoras theorem or Newton՚s law of gravity in your profession?
  • Farther he added that, his grandfather always talks about his fun filled childhood where he used to pluck mangos and guavas from their orchards, and picnics at the bank of river where they used to cook mouth-watering food, he also talks about how they used to play with marbles and gill danda.
  • And by hearing this all from grandfather, I fill those studies were an ancillary subject: and living and experiencing, the major subject.
  • So, he asked his father is my grandfather is lying or the world is changed in last 70 years?
  • He also mentions that his grandmother is semi-literate but, still she is happy with her pots, pans, her flower and her Bhagavat Gita.
  • Whereas her mother is highly qualified and still she is highly strung, tense and nervous most of the time
  • And lastly, he asked, do literacy makes us restless, afraid and frustrated?
  • After absorbing all around him, he gets afraid of being educated and he wants that his father also understand that education is not only the way of living, it is most important part of life but not a life.
  • Education must not be the burden for anyone, just makes the child fill free to choose anything so that they can enjoy their life-journey.

Summary of Section 4.2 - ‘Wisdom or Knowledge What is More Important?’

  • A boy informs his father that, last week his rose plant almost died. So that he asked for guidance from his biology teacher and in reply her teacher told him to ask anyone who keeps gardening things.
  • And by giving this example he wants to say that, we also learn about pesticides but we do not actually know how to apply them in real life, and it only come with experience.
  • It՚s not matter for him that why the apple does not fall upwards, or what Archimedes did but the thing matters to him is that my rose plants remain healthy.
  • Further he added, instead of learning hypotenuse, relational square roots; he should only know about what should he can do with the fuse which available in his home or should know how to make a desk for myself from my carpenter՚s tools.
  • He shares that, ones he asked her grandmother how do her got to be wise and in reply of his question she told, it all comes by experience.
  • By mentioning all of this example, he asked his father is this a way of living father? Or life is just by-passing us?
  • He told his father that he will meet Newton face to face, he will not recognize him because he was so busy in learning about him.
  • In this small age he has sense of losing essence of life.
  • He lost his quarter mark due to which he lost his first rank is only because of fill-in-the he held that I was invited to tea and his teacher was determined that he was invited for tea. It՚s just matter of grammar.
  • And now he is telling his father in frustration that, I will keep it my mind what teacher says is only right, even if he will say George Bush is the president of Indi or he says the sun rises in the west, and if he says the earth is flat; I will blindly follow him at least for the answering paper.
  • And he ended his latter with some disappointed words that he will keep his father՚s advise in mind and try not to lose any quarter mark.


WH- Questions

  • WH- Questions are the question which stars with words wh.
  • It includes WHAT, WHEN, WHY, WHERE, WHICH and WHO.
  • Question words can be used when we want answer for specific time, place, person, quantity or time and so on …
  • Let՚s understand it with example:

WHAT: Is generally used to ask about things


  • What is this? Hear this question points to particular thing
  • What is in that bag?

WHEN: is used to ask about particular time


  • When will you meet me? (Hear this question is asked to know a time)
  • When you will reach to Ahmadabad?

WHERE: is used to ask for place


  • Where is my phone? (Hear this question is asked to know about place)
  • Where is the toys shop?

WHO: is used to ask about People?


  • Who has written the Ramayana? (Hear this question is asking about a person)
  • Who is this intelligent girl?

WHICH: is generally used to ask about choices


  • Which is your favourite fruit Strawberry or Mango? (Hear this question is asked to know about choice)
  • Rajasthan, Gujarat or Kerala, which would be your first choice to travel?

WHY: is used to about reasons


  • Why they are jumping on bad? (Hear this question is asked the reason)
  • Why I am not invited to miss. Daana՚s birthday party?