NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) , Class 12 English: Chapter 6 Summary of Poem – My Grandmother՚s House, Kamla Das

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Section 6.1 Summary of the Poem - ‘My Grandmother՚s House’ by Kamla Das

  • My grandmother՚s house is beautiful composition by Kamla das, in which she describes her loneliness after losing her dearest grandmother.
  • Hear she comes up with memories that she always be missed about her grandmother.
  • She starts with, she fills that her grandmother՚s house is now so far form her as her grandmother died, and that was the house where she received so much love from her grandmother.
  • She also mentions that, after losing her grandmother the house I also turn silent to which she is emotionally attached so much. By this she says that her grandmother was the soul of the house that՚s why without her the house goes in death-like silence.
  • Further she adds that the snakes could be seen among books in the library of the house and she was too young to read those books at that time because she finds them horrible and repulsive like snakes.
  • After hear news of passing away of her grandmother, she was frozen and seemed cold like the moon.

Section 6.2 Summary of the Poem - ‘MY Grandmother՚s House’ by Kamla Das

  • Now she describes that her relationship with her grandmother was in moving manner.
  • And reminds the happiest days she had shared with her grandmother in childhood.
  • Her grandmother was very caring and she was deeply attached with her and her house.
  • She misses everything about her grandmother and her house and that՚s why she wants to visit the house to peep through windows which is now shut after the death of the grandmother. She also wants to feel the silent atmosphere of the house.
  • She wants to bring some darkness from house to where she lies.
  • And she gives example of brooding dos՚s to show her helplessness to pay visit to her grandmother՚s house.

Section 6.3. Summary of the Poem - ‘MY Grandmother՚s House’ by Kamla Das

  • She wants to show how intense relationship she shares with her grandmother and how much she is proud of her grandmother՚s house where she was used to get so much love from her grandmother.
  • After losing her grandmother she has lost selfless love and inspiration
  • Now she knocks helplessly at stranger՚s door to bag some love.
  • This shows how helpless she becomes after losing her grandmother and how badly she misses her.



  • Simile is type of speech where two things are compared using world ‘like’ or ‘as
  • Simile is used to shoe strong comparison between two things.

For example:

  • Starts shine like a diamond
  • My blood turned cols like moon. (As used by Kamla Das in her poem “My Grandmother՚s House” )


  • Metaphor is used to show similarity of two things to make idea of comparison or symbolism.
  • Its metaphor word is applied to an object to which it is not literally applicable.
  • Metaphor is generally used in poetry, literature or anywhere where you want to use effective language.

For example:

Love is a battlefield

Difference B/W Simile and Metaphor

  • Simile use connecting words such as ‘like’ or ‘as’ , whereas Metaphor do not use that.
  • Simile used to make EXPLICIT comparisons, whereas Metaphor is used to make IMPLICIT comparisons.
  • Simile is easy to identify in speech, whereas Metaphor is not so easily identified in speech.