NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) , Class 12 English: Chapter 7 Summary of – Reading with Understanding

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Short Theme-Based Passage Section 7.1 Summary of - ‘Why Do Students Get Stressed?’

  • Stress is very common in many students before examinations; but it is not just limited to the students, teachers and parents are also in the same situation.
  • Why do people get stressed? Youngster have that pressure of their developmental tasks and that of a complex society and for they have to excel in the skill of adjustment to be in adulthood which must not be affected by these demands.
  • If they were not able to get that skill or too many things are expected from them, then it will lead to failure.
  • Nervousness in student rise as they are worried about whether they will able to match the expectations of their parents and teachers.
  • In some case optimal nervousness motivates keep going whereas over-nervousness makes them weak.
  • Nervousness is transmittable so it can affect other students, teachers and parents.
  • When teenagers are in stressed then they tend to recognize everything as an emergency.
  • Increase in stress level can be cause by
    • Identity crisis
    • The need to make career-oriented decisions
    • Teacher՚s and parent՚s attitude and peer pressure
    • The inability to communicate with parents also plays a major role.

Tips for Good Study

  • To focus on study, you need one main thing is good brain and for that brain need good supply of oxygen, glucose, calcium, phosphorus and iron so environment also play key role you must prefer well-ventilated space for study.
  • Good food also effect for good brain so must include milk, cheese, walnuts, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, ragi and dates etc in your daily diet.
  • Breakfast is the brain of food, so do not skip it.
  • Some of fatty meals such as sugar, fast-food or any acids will take away calcium fro system so keep distance from that kind of food.
  • Fiber reach diet can be helpful to reduce stress.
  • Good concentration ply key role to develop good memory skill.
  • Learning and memorizing by understanding and recalling is a very helpful technique.
  • Organizing and framing a logical relationship is important.
  • Mastery in subject and the process of answering both are equally important.
  • Nervousness and fear lead to a mental block during examination.
  • Long access of Television or phone can affect academic performance because it ‘steals’ away the reading time.
  • Time management is most important aspect of self-discipline.
  • You must have to excel in time management skill between filled and unfilled time.
  • A time spent sleeping, bathing, eating, dressing and attending school is called filled time.
  • Every student gets 10 hours of unfilled time and utilize it in good manner is a key to success.
  • You must try to make timetable for the 10 hours.
  • For affecting brain functioning, seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary for optimal physical.
  • A Positive thought are pillars of positive result.
  • Always feel positive. This will help to lessen stress.

In case of symptoms of anxiety or depression please seek medical help immediately.

Short Theme-Based Passage Section 7.2 Summary of - What is Stress and How to Handle It՚s

How to Avoid Stress

Time Management

  • Time management is key aspect to reduce stress, and for that ‘TO DO’ list is first step it will remind you what and how much you have to do.
  • ‘To Do’ is not static task; it keeps change you must have to prioritize your important work.
  • It will make more easies to manage your important work.
  • It՚s a good habit to maintain a diary to keep monitoring tasks which are done or still pending.

Physical Exercise

  • Physical Exercise just as brisk walking, swimming, jogging, aerobics are best option to reducing nervousness and it also helps to improving sleep and along with that it also in keeping the heart healthy.
  • Travelling is also stressful thing and to avoid it you must try few simple exercises:
    • You can strengthen your wrist by rolling your hands backwards and forwards while gripping the rod over-head
    • You can also place your fingertips on the bar and push hard so that the fingers bend back, then relax and keep repeat at list for ten times to increase flexibility of your fingers.

Hobbies Which Can Help to Reduce Stress

  • Good hobbies can be as refreshing as sleep as they can boost energy and helps to overcome from tensions and failures.
  • Work can՚t give any pleasure to unless anyone has chosen one՚s hobbies according to one՚s own temperament and aptitude, they give great pleasure.
  • Hobbies must be of your choice so that it can help to enhance your mood.

Think Positively

  • Positive thinking is key to remain calm and at peace.
  • Some of student gets disappointed sometime as they can՚t cope up their failure or performance lower than expected take the extreme step of committing suicide.
  • It shows lack of positive thinking because failing in the examination is not the end of the world.
  • You must have to accept every condition rather its failure or success.
  • Many geniuses like Ramanujan and Einstein failed examinations and then they are so successful in their life.
  • Failure is never end of life use it as first step of success.
  • Talk about your problems, if you don՚t it will affect you in bad manner, remember every problem have solution you just have to be patient.