Home Family and Home Science – Objectives of Home Science, Meaning of Home Science, Aim of Home Science

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‘Home Sweet home’ – yes we all have a home a where we live with our family and enjoy the feeling of belongingness. In a household the woman a wife or mother plays the major role of homemaking by managing the household activities. But today, man and woman jointly share the responsibilities of home and family. In this context the subject of Home Science caters to the needs of both boys and girls.

Objectives of Home Science

  • Define term home, family and Science

  • Explain meaning aim, importance and misconceptions about Home Science as a subject

  • Discuss various areas of Home Science in terms of skill development

  • List various vocational opportunities for wage and self-employment.

Meaning of Home Science

  • Home Science consists of two words, that is, ‘Home’ and ‘Science ‘. home refers to place of residence where the family lives. Word ‘Science’ refers to knowledge based on facts, principles and laws. By combining these two words meaning of Home Science knowledge in a systematic manner towards improving the quality of home and family life.

  • It is concerned with various aspects of daily living that includes food, shelter, health and services the subject draws principles from related subjects of arts and sciences. It becomes an art and science of daily living.

Aim of Home Science

In Education, Home Science builds up scientific knowledge and skills for daily living. It also prepares us for many opportunities to enter into job market for:

  • Career: A chosen profession or occupation for self-advancement

  • Vocation: A regular occupation for which an individual is particularly suited or qualified

  • Wage employment: Earning salary or wages by working for someone or some organisation

  • Self-employment: Income earning activity by being owner of the activity

  • Entrepreneurship: small scale innovative business to earn a profit.

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