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Space organisation means assigning space to an activity and systematically arranging required for it. The important aspects of space organisation are

  • Allotting space for the activity

  • Making available on the spot all that is required for the activity

  • Arranging systematically all the materials and equipment required for the activity.

Work Centres

  • The area specified for an activity is known as the work area or work centre. From our earlier discussion you must have understood that by work centre is not implied to provide a separate room for every activity.

  • With the space constrains in most modern houses, it is not possible to have so many rooms, so it is desirable to link or more similar activities which can be performed in a particular room. All that you need to do is to allocate space for each of the activities in that room.

Image of Space management for family activities

Image of Space Management for Family Activities

Guidelines for Making Work Centres More Effective

  • Certain common guidelines can be followed for making the work centre more effective.

  • Arrange work centres in a sequential order to assist in smooth flow of work. For example, in a kitchen the order of work centres could be preparation, washing, cooking and serving.

  • Have transparent storage containers or keep them properly labled.

  • Provide adequate lighting and ventilation in all work centres.

  • Make all work centres easy to clean and maintain.

  • As far possible prefer built in storage to storage cabinets and cupboards that occupy floor space.

  • Create additional storage space under the staircase, below the windows slabs and as lofts.

Relationship between Space Organisation and Aesthetics

  • Whenever we are organising space for performing various activities, our aim should not only be that the centre is functional, but it should be attractive too.

  • The size of the furniture in accordance with the size of the work centre. Small and light furniture is desirable in a small room.

  • Organised look the space looks tidy and attractive if thing is stored away when not in use.

  • The arrangement of equipment, furniture, fixtures and other things must not hinder the movement of the people.

  • The arrangement of furniture and equipment in a room in accordance with the activities performed there.

  • Lighting- a well lit small room will appear bright and spacious as compared to a larger poorly lit room.

  • In a one-room apartment all the work areas should be so arranged that they can be distinguished from each other.

  • Colours- can also help to improve the work centre aesthetically. For example, dark and small rooms will appear bright and big if flight colours are used and the ceiling is painted white.

  • Placement of suitable decorative items and indoor plants- will add appeal to the room.

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