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We address such products and practices as ‘eco-friendly’. Another term used for eco-friendly is bio-friendly. The word ‘eco’ is derived from the word ‘ecology’ which is concerned with the relationship between plants, animals, man and environment.

A Ray of Hope

  • By eco-friendly products and practices, we mean those products and practices which are not harmful to the environmental. These products and practices are considered eco-friendly on the basis of their;

    • Production

    • Use

    • Disposal

  • Let us list some Non eco-friendly products and eco-friendly products.

Table of Non-Eco Freindly and Eco Freindly Products
Title: Table of Non-eco freindly and eco freindly products

Non eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products


Unleaded petrol

Crude motor oil

Double refined motor oil

Synthetic paints

Water based paints

Synthetic fabrics like nylon, acrylic etc.

Jute and cotton

Polythene bags

Paper bags

Traditional challahs

Smokeless challahs, solar cooker and biogas

Thermocol glasses

Earthen cups

  • Ministry of Environmental and Forests has launched an ‘Eco Mark’ since Feb. 1991.

  • It contains as ISI mark along with an earthen pot which symbolizes biodegradability and closeness to the environment.

  • This mark is given by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Eco mark is given to certify that a product fulfills a minimum pollution control standard and achieves high environment friendliness in production, packaging and waste disposal.

The Role of Government in Controlling Environmental Degradation

  • Man has now become conscious of long term effects of environmental degradation. Government plays an important role in controlling the degradation of the environment.

  • Some of the significant measures taken by the government are to:

    • Ensure that all industries are located far away from cities

    • Enforce strict laws for pollution control in industries as well as vehicles

    • Ensure that all industries set up waste treatment plants

    • Encourage the industries to link and reuses the wastes of each other, wherever possible, for example steel mills can use worn out parts of automobile industry.

    • Insist on people adopting family planning norms

    • Provide efficient waste disposal systems for domestic wastes

    • Educate the public on the causes and effects of environmental degradation.

    • Motivate the people to use biogas, solar cooker, solar heater, etc.

    • Ensure healthy farm practices like using natural manures, crop rotation, mixed cropping etc.

    • Motivate people to grow trees and care for them

    • Conserve wild life by maintaining the forest reserves.

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