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  • Energy may be defined as The capacity for doing work. Some work is being done and the factor which provides the capacity for doing this work known as ‘energy’.

  • Sun is the source of most natural energy in this world. The energy that you get from ‘fire’ comes from burning wood, coal, oil or natural gas. All these substances are known as ‘fuels’. Apart from wood, the other fuels are also known as ‘fossil fuels’ because they are obtained from beneath the earth’s surface.

  • Over millions of years, the sun’s energy transformed dead plant material into coal/natural gas. So we can say that most fuels derive their energy from the sun.

  • ‘Electricity’ is produced with the help of moving water, stream, coal or oil. Moving water, too derives its energy from the sun it is a part of the water cycle caused by the sun.

  • There are some other sources of energy like wind, nuclear fuel, geothermal energy etc. The energy released during nuclear reactions in nuclear fuels like plutonium and uranium is also used to produce electricity. Geothermal energy is the solar heat energy which is trapped by rocks deep within the earth.

Image of Sources of Energy

Image of Sources of Energy

Image of Sources of Energy

Classification of Sources of Energy

Sources of energy can be of two types- those which are limited and will be exhausted after using for a certain number of years; and the second type which have a nearly endless supply.

Image of Classification of Sources of energy

Image of Classification of Sources of Energy

Image of Classification of Sources of energy

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