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Energy conservation involves use of lesser energy for the same level of activity. We must conserve energy because of a number of reasons.

  • Demand exceeds supply

  • Energy saved is energy generated

  • Fuels are limited

Concept of Alternative

  • We all agree that our prime concern today should be to utilise energy in such a manner that it can be made to last for as long as possible. Energy is renewable and non-renewable.

  • If we want to stretch our non-renewable sources of energy we have to supplement them with the renewable sources.

  • The non-renewable sources of energy are also known as the conventional sources of energy.

Image of Energy options for the future

Image of Energy Options for the Future

Image of Energy options for the future

Advantages of Using the Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

  • There is a never-ending supply.

  • These are easily available.

  • Production and use of non-conventional energy are always pollution free and leaves the environment clean.

  • These are locally produced. Here there is low cost of distribution.

  • Energy production units can be started on a small scale. Hence, heavy investment is not required.

  • Job opportunities for the local people are opened up.

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