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Consumer Rights

  • Rights to safety

  • Right to be informed

  • Right to consumer education

  • Right to redressal

  • Right to choose

  • Right to be heard

Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

Consumer Responsibilities

  • Take bills, receipts, guarantee cards, etc., and keep them safely and maintain them as records. They are the proof of your purchase and help in getting redressal in case of genuine grievance.

  • Insist on buying good quality products with standardisation marks, even if they are not popular names. This will help in removing substandard from the market.

  • Do not yourself get carried away by sales talks, attractive labels, packaging, free gifts and advertisements and other such sales tricks or gimmicks.

  • Follow the manufacture’s instruction for use, care and maintenance of a product carefully,

  • Do not misuse the customer services offered by manufactures and shopkeepers like free home delivery, exchange within a specified period, credit etc.,

  • Report cases of cheating and encourage other consumers also to do the same. Cooperate with law enforcement agencies in getting the guilty traders punished.

  • Do not waste any product. Make an effort to conserve resources so that they can last longer.

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