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The oldest and most common human institution, ‘family’ is the most important group to which most people ever belong. In a Family we are cared for and feel emotionally and financially secured. It teaches us how to interact and get along with others, obey and respect elders. It helps in learning customs and traditions and imbibing values and culture which are passed on from one generation to the next.

Define the Term Family

  • Family is universal and typically consists of a married man and woman and their children. It means a group of related people who share a common home.

  • Members belong to a family through birth, marriage or adoption. Family is the first organized unit of a society.

Functions of a Family

  • Protection: It gives Protection and provides best setting for rearing and care of newborns and infants, adolescents, the sick and infirm or aged.

  • It provides emotional support of a degree and kind that is not available otherwise. Bonding is indispensable for healthy development of children.

  • It educates its members, who learn to live life in setting of a family. Children are taught the do’s and don’ts of the society, how to interact with others, respect and obey elders, etc.

  • It provides financial security. Basic needs such as of food, shelter, clothing is provided for members and they share responsibilities and work.

  • It acts as a source of recreation. A family can be a source of happiness, where members can talk to one another, play and do various activities together.

  • Family also performs function of socializing children. Parents give their children the first lessons in how to live with other people, to love, share, help in time of need and tack on responsibilities.

  • It also fulfills sexual function which is a biological need of every human being.

  • Reproductive function is fulfilled as a result of sexual relationship between married man and woman. Children so born are future members of the society.

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