Home Science – Concept of Security: Safety from Child Abuse, Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs, Home and Safety

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Concept of “Security”

  • Security means safety to Life. It can be physical and psychological or mental.

  • Physical security is safety of the body and its processes. It has a direct bearing on health.

  • Psychological/ mental security is about how you feel about yourself and everybody around you. It depends on how you have been brought up.

Safety from Child Abuse

  • Child abuse can be physical, sexual or mental.

  • Physical abuse is when adults beat the child or punish by locking in a room, making the child sit in a particular position for long hours.

  • Sexual abuse means involving or forcing children into forbidden sexual activities.

  • Mental abuse on the other hand is giving mental torture to the child.

  • Children should have protection from all these.

Safety from Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs generally start with peer pressure and for the sake of fun. But one soon gets into a habit of taking these and then there is no return.

Home and Safety

Many accidents happen to people in their homes. People can hurt themselves by falling over or by burning themselves. Children may drink some of the poisonous things that we keep in the house such as insecticides or acids.

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