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Yarn is an assemblage of fibres twisted together. Both, staple and filament fibres are used to make yarn. Staple fibres make spun yarn and filament fibres make filament yarns.

Yarn Making

Process of making yarn from fibres is called spinning.

For making yarn from staple fibres

  • A bundle of fibres is taken, cleaned and straightened. After this they are pulled out and drawn and a twist is given to hold them together.

  • This spinning is called mechanical spinning and is done for natural fibres like cotton and wool. The resultant yarn is a spun yarn.

For making yarn from filament fibres

  • The filament yarns are spun by the chemical spinning process. To understand this recall how a ‘halvai’ makes ‘sevian’.

  • A Spinning solution of the raw materials is made and passed through the holes of a spinneret.

  • The solution solidifies into thread like form called the filament fibre. These filament fibres are twisted together to form a strong and fine yarn.


  • We must have heard names like terry cot and cots wool. These are names of mixed fabrics and are made from than one type of fibre.

  • At the time when the spinning of yarn is being done, two types of fibres are mixed, pulled and twisted together to form a blended yarn.

Yarn Properties

  • Properties of yarn have an effect on the behaviour of the fabric. The two important properties of a yarn are its fineness and the amount of twist it has.

  • These two properties of the yarn are related to each other. More of the twist in a yarn, the finer, smoother and stronger it is.

Types of Yarns

On the basis of their structure, Yarns are broadly classified effect.

Image of Types of yarns

Image of Types of Yarns

Image of Types of yarns

Simple Yarns

A yarn which is smooth and uniform and evenly twisted is called a simple yarn. It is commonly used for making fabric like poplin and cambric.

Complex/Novelty Yarns

A yarn which makes a fabric is not always smooth and uniform. Just unravel a ‘khadi’ fabric and see the yarns that make it. Such Yarns are known as Complex Yarns.

Textured Yarns

  • Texturizing is a treatment usually given to a manmade filament, after which it becomes curly or acquires some forms of loops, coils or crimp.

  • A texture yarn pulls out a yarn from your nylon socks.

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