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All of you must have seen embroidered fabrics at home and in the market. Have you noticed how a few tiny stitches in a variety of threads can magically transform the plain fabrics into an artistic creation?

  • Embroidery has always played a very significant role in the lives of Indian People. It is an art which both men and women have practices not only to satisfy their creative urges but also to earn a living.

  • It was and is being used to adorn everything from the smallest personal things like handkerchief to cushions, curtains, wall hangings, bed and table linen, various articles of apparel, etc.

Meaning of Embroidery

  • Embroidery is the art of creating decorative effects on the surface of a fabric using designs and stitches made with the help of needle and thread. It can be beautifully described as a painting with needle and thread.

  • Our museums contain but still sharing a similarity with regard to the use of basic stitches and techniques.

  • Some of the famous traditional Indian embroideries are:

    • Phulkari of Punjab

    • Kantha of Bengal

    • Kasuti of Karnataka

    • Chikankari of Uttar Pradesh

    • Zardozi of Kashmir

    • Sindhi and Kutchi of Gujarat

Image of Indian embroideries

Image of Indian Embroideries

Image of Indian embroideries

Equipment and Materials Used for Embroidery

  • Once you decide to make an embroidered piece, it is important to collect the proper material and equipment which will help you to work smoothly. Not many items are needed; so choose the best you can afford.

  • Good tools produce good work. Learn to use your embroidery tools properly and you will find your work to be the best.

    • Hand sewing needles

    • Thimble

    • Scissors

    • Threads for embroidery

    • Embroidery frames

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