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  • Cleaning involves sweeping floors, dusting furniture and other surfaces, moping or washing floors, polishing surfaces, articles and accessories, scrubbing tiles, sinks, toilets, disinfecting drains, rearranging cleaned areas and putting things in their specific place.

  • Cleaning is a process of removing dust, dirt or any other undesirable materials like stains, spots, contents of an ashtray, etc.

  • Cleaning is necessary for a general presentable appearance and also to ensure good hygienic conditions.

Methods of Cleaning

we have already learn that dust and dirt can be removed by dusting, mopping etc.

Image of Methods of Dusting

Image of Methods of Dusting

Schedule of Cleaning

  • Every day, a general cleaning of the open surfaces like floors, furniture and other such surfaces is required. Once in a while some more time is given to cleaning and you probably more heavy furniture and clean beneath it or beneath the carpets.

  • May be once in six months or a year you empty the room completely and give it s complete wash, polish the floors, whitewash the walls, ceiling etc. We can basically divide cleaning into three types of Schedules:

    • Daily clean

    • A weekly clean

    • A spring clean

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