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  • Calcium and phosphorus are available in sufficient quantities in milk, curd, green leafy vegetables, ragi and oil seeds. Other foods also provide fair, quantity of calcium.

  • The major function of calcium is the formation and development of bones and teeth.

  • Calcium is also required in blood clotting and muscular contraction.

  • Calcium in necessary for bone formation, blood clotting and muscular contraction


  • Iron is required in very small quantity by the body.

  • It is an important material present in hemoglobin which is a part of red blood cells and is responsible for the red color of blood. Whole grain cereals and pulses are the major sources of iron in our diet.

  • In our country, majority of the population, especially women and children, suffer from iron deficiency disease called anemia.

  • Iron is essential for hemoglobin formation.


  • Iodine is an important substance present in thyroxine hormone produced from thyroid gland.

  • Iodine is necessary for growth and development.

  • To avoid goiter, we must have iodine rich food sources in our daily meals.

  • Iodized salt is a good source of iodine and we must consume in instead of the non-iodized salt.

  • Make iodized salt a part of your daily diet.


  • Water is the major constituent of our body.

  • It forms about two-thirds of the body weight.

  • It is present in all the cells, being a vital part of all living tissues.

  • It surrounds tissues and organs and gives protection from shock.

  • Water helps in digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients in the body.

  • It helps to excrete unwanted materials in the form of urine and maintains body temperature through perspiration.

  • Water is vital for survival.

Nutrient Requirements

Image of Nutrition Requirements

Image of Nutrition Requirements

Image of Nutrition Requirements

Nutrients are required for good health.

Nutrients requirements are influenced by:

  • Age

  • Height/weight

  • Sex

  • Climatic condition

  • Health

  • Occupation

  • Physiological condition

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) after conducting a lot of research has recommended nutritional intakes for various age groups.

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