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There are numerous colours all around us. The classification of these colours have been devised to organise and identify colours. A most familiar one is the 12 hue “Colour Wheel”. These colours can be classified either according to their origin or properties.

Image of Classification of colours

Image of Classification of Colours

Image of Classification of colours

Characteristics of Colour

  • Just like every object has three dimensions i.e., length, breadth and height, colour also has three dimensions. They are described by using the terms hue, value and intensity.

  • Hue: refers to the colour e.g. red, orange, blue etc.

  • Value: refers to the lightness or darkness of hue.

  • Intensity: refers to the brightness or dullness of a colour.

Colour Schemes

  • A colour combination that matches and looks pleasing to the eyes is called a colour scheme. Whenever more than one colour is place next to another, a scheme is automatically created.

  • There is a define scheme through which you can always produce pleasing effects when more than one colour is used.

These colour schemes could be:

  • Monochromatic colour scheme

  • Analogous colour scheme

  • Complementary

  • Split complementary

  • Triad

  • Tetrad

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