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Clearing also involves putting the things in place. For this a specific place is decided for every household item. What happens of such type of cleaning is not dene on a regular basis.

  • On the other hand, if all the things are kept clean and are in their proper place, you will have no such problems and meanwhile you will also save a lot of time and energy.

  • Imagine yourself living in a house which is clustered with furniture and paintings, and curtains that are not matching. There are too many decorations in the showcases. There is hardly any space to move about, as a your movements are restricted.

  • Thus we see that if the rooms are arranged beautifully and at the same time, satisfy our needs of work, we can derive optimum satisfaction from them. One has to provide an artistic touch to make the same things look beautiful as well as comfortable.

Flower Decoration

  • You must have seen flowers decorated in the halls of marriage parties or hotels. Whether it is an informal party, a formal dinner, an office, a conference room, a living room, a bedroom etc.,

  • All will call for different kinds of flower arrangements. It is important to know various aspects of flower arrangements.

    • Collection of materials

    • Methods of flower arrangements

Principles of Flower Arrangement

While arranging flowers, you have to follow some basic principles

  • The Size of the flower arrangement should be proportionate to the room or other articles in the room like the table on which it is kept, other decorative articles in the room etc.

  • The whole arrangement should be balanced. It should neither be top heavy nor lopsided.

  • Your eyes should be able to travel easily round the whole design and should not stop moving. For this, the basic shape, colour, texture should be repeated at intervals.

  • Flower of different sizes should be placed gradually from fully bloomed to buds.

  • Keep the stem ends close together. This would give the arrangements flowers at different heights.

  • To emphasize the shape of twigs, flowers should either be placed higher or lower than the curves of twigs. Allow space around each flower.

  • The flowers leaves and vases should harmonize and complement each other.

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