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Once you have put together a complete embroidery kit, decided on the fabric, design and colours for the embroidery threads, you are ready to begin. Before starting the embroidery, remember to wash and wipe your hands. This would help in keeping embroidery clean and fresh.

Basic Stitches

  • We are going to learn the ten basic, most commonly used stitches of embroidery.

  • These stitches have been used for many centuries all over the world.

Image of Basis Stitches

Image of Basis Stitches

Image of Basis Stitches

Finishing of the Embroidered Article

During the embroidery and once it has once it has been done, a final finish has to be given to the embroidered article, to make it look neater and presentable. For this, you can observe the following points:

  • Do not end the embroidery in a big knot. Keep the back of the embroidered article as neat as the front.

  • Clip the extra threads at the back.

  • Wash/dry clean the article after embroidery as handling during embroidering makes it dirty.

  • Starch and then iron the article well.

  • Finish the edges of the article appropriately by hemming, picoting etc.

  • If your article is heavily embroidered, store after folding it in mulmul cloth.

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