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Food Groups

The Knowledge of recommended dietary allowances and composition of food is necessary for the selection of an adequate diet. Achieved by dividing or categorizing all food items into various groups called food group.

Image of Food Groups

Image of Food Groups

Image of Food Groups

A Food Group consists of a number of food items sharing some common characteristics.

  • Physiological, on the basis of function

  • On the basis of nutrients

Classification Based on Physiological Functions

Food has basic physiological functions. Energy giving, repair and growth, protection and regulation.

Classification based on Nutrients

Food Group and Nutrients
Food and nutrients

Food Group

Main Nutrients

Cereals, Grains and Products

Energy, protein, fat, folic acid, iron, fibre

Pulses and Legumes

Energy, protein, fat, folic acid, calcium, iron, fibre

Milk and Meat Products

Protein, fat, calcium, vitamin A

Fruits and vegetables Fruits

Carotenoids, fibre, carbohydrates

Fats and Sugars

Energy, Fat

  • Substitution of one food item with the other in such a way that the nutrients provided by them are the same is called Food Exchange.

  • Food Exchanges make Diet Planning Easy.

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