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Modification for an Infant

Mothers milk is sufficient to meet the nutritional requirements of the baby up to 6 months.

Image of Modification for an Infant

Image of Modification for an Infant

Image of Modification for an Infant

Need for Special Diet

  • You are all aware that a normal diet satisfies the nutritional needs of a healthy individual. But when a person falls sick there is a malfunctioning of parts of the body, therefore, the nutritional needs of a sick person changes.

  • In jaundice there is malfunctioning the liver, hence digestion of fats is affected and presence of normal amounts of fats in the diet will be harmful to health.

There is a need to modify the food eaten. Here are some reasons:

  • To maintain good nutritional status

  • To correct nutritional deficiencies

  • To provide a change in the consistency of diet: liquid or semi: solid

  • To bring about change in the body weight, if required.

Therapeutic Diet

Therapeutic diet is the special diet given to a person suffering from a disease, to facilitate recovery. It is a modification of the normal diet.

Types of Modification of Normal Diet

  • In Diet consistency

  • In Nutrient content

  • In interval and frequency of feeding

Wrong Beliefs (Myths) Regarding Diet

There are many wrong beliefs prevalent among people regarding diet. We present here only a few myths and the facts.

  • Myth: Diabetics cannot eat rice or potatoes.

  • Fact: A little amount can be taken daily.

  • Myth: Jaundice patients should not take fats or turmeric in their die

  • Fact: Fats must be excluded for a while, but turmeric is not harmful during jaundice.

  • Myth: Crash dieting or eating very little is good for losing weight fast.

  • Fact: Starvation diet is harmful to the body. A controlled, high fibre, low calorie diet is recommended.

  • Myth: In diarrhoea, stop eating.

  • Fact: The body needs food to help recover. Stopping food only aggravates the problem.

  • Myth: In fever do not give hot foods.

  • Fact: There is nothing like hot and cold food.

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