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Effect of heat on cooking is made on being subjected to heat foods undergo certain changes, which may be external changes or internal or both.

Image of External Chnages

Image of External Chnages

Internal Changes

  • Carbohydrates- They absorb water and swell up in the presence of moist heat. Over cooking results in the bursting of carbohydrate molecules and makes the food pasty and sticky.

  • Proteins- These coagulate on heating and become tender. Prolonged cooking results in their pasty and sticky.

  • Fats- At optimum cooking temperature, fats do not change.

  • Minerals- Normally they do not change However if excessive water is used for cooking and then discarded, a lot of minerals leach into the cooking water.

  • Vitamins- Need special mention especially water-soluble ones, B-complex and Vitamins C.

Effective Use of Left-Over Food

  • Cooked food is sometimes leftover after the meals. A lot of effort and money goes into food production. Hence these foods should be reused effectively.

  • Some dishes which we all are familiar with and can be made by using the left-over food are parathas stuffed with dal, vegetables cutlets, pao-bhaji, boiled rice kheer and many more.

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