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All of us want to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life. We want to get good food, clothing, education and a house for comfortable living. Despite living in the same locality, same kind of house with almost the same amount of income and family size, you will find that some of them are happy and well settled, while some others are dissatisfied.

  • Resources are the means for satisfying our needs and reaching our goals. The resources possessed and utilized by persons are called human resources.

  • Some resources become a part of an individual and can be used only by that person. Such resources are called ‘Human resources’. At the same time, there are some other resources which are available for everyone to use. They are more easily recognized than human resources.

  • Some of these resources like park, and community facilities properly and take advantage of their uses. Such resources are known as ‘non-human resources’.

Image of Types of resources

Image of Types of Resources

Image of Types of resources

Characteristics of Resources

  • Resources are useful

  • They are limited in supply

  • They are inter-related

  • They have alternate uses

  • Resources can be substituted

  • Ways of maximizing satisfaction

Management Process

  • Now, can you say how you have planned this trip successfully and how you collected all the things you wanted for a comfortable journey? Yes, the process you have used in this case is called management, and the things you have used are your resources. yes, you have managed a number of things to see that you are able to visit your grandparents as planned by you.

  • Therefore, we can say that Management is a process of using what you have to achieve what you want.

Significance of Management

  • Management is an important tool even to make a simple job like making your trip a success.

  • It plays a significant role in our day-to-day life. Management helps you to:

    • reach your goals

    • achieve what you want

    • utilize your resources properly

    • make your life more systematic

    • avoid wastage of resources

    • increase efficiency in work situations

    • achieve a better standard of life

Image of Management process

Image of Management Process

Image of Management process

Motivating Factors in Management

  • Value: A Value is a moral principle and belief that a person holds about some aspect of life. You value honesty, punctuality, kindness, sincerity, health, good habits, happiness, etc., It motivates you to behave in a particular way.

  • Standards: Standard is an accepted level of quality. Hence it is a measure of values that compel individuals to perform actions that will give the desired satisfaction.

  • Goals: A Goal is your aim or objectives in life. Goals are the aims or objectives that we want to achieve and work for. Thus, Goals grow out our values, needs and desires.

Decision Making

  • If you are to use the process of management as a tool to help you lead a harmonious, successful and satisfying life then you have to make correct decisions about the goals you wish to achieve, the standards that you want to maintain and the lifestyle you desire.

  • A decision is selection of a course of action among alternative choices. Making a decision involves a number of steps.

    • Identifying the problem

    • Find out information and possible courses of action

    • Evaluation of alternate courses of action

    • Selecting the best course of action.

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