Importance & Areas of Home Science

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Home Science gives knowledge for facing new challenges, to cope with knowledge explosion, technological advancements, new developments and growing needs of individuals for successful living in society.

Importance for individuals

Home science will give scientific knowledge and develop skill for efficient performance of household responsibilities. Skill is the process of applying theory based knowledge into your daily life.

Importance for home and family life

The emphasis in Home Science is to strengthen home and family life by making an optimal use of available recourses. It will help to apply knowledge of different sciences for improving home and family environment, health, growth and development of individuals and in managing household resources.

Importance for economic stability

The economic stability of the family can be ensured by undertaking a job or self employment. This will further lead to raising the living standard of the family and quality of life.

Areas of Home Science

Home Science is a composite subject that deals with daily situations. It has five different areas, Each area of home science along with its sub-components.

Area and Sub Components
Title: Area and Sub components


Sub- components

Food and Nutrition

Food; nutrition; meal planning; nutritional status of food; food preservation.

Resource Management

Consumer education, work ethics, income management, savings and investments, work and space organisation, time and energy management, conservation of energy and environment management.

Human Development

Development in early and middle childhood, adolescence, special issues in human development.

Textiles and clothing

Fabric science and its construction; textile finishes, selection, care and maintenance.

Functions of Home Science

Functions of Home Science

Functions of Home Science

Functions of Home Science

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