Introduction, Meaning and Some Important Definitions of Law

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  • Law is the most meaningful and important part of our day to day life. It becomes necessary to study various aspects of law and their role in our life.

  • The significant aspects of law are sources of law, kinds of law and their application in our life for smooth functioning of our society.

Meaning of Law

  • Law is a large body of rules and regulations, which follow the principles of justice and fairness, which are framed by government to keep control on human activities.

  • Law makers, Courts, Tribunals, Penal, Executive agencies, corrective institutions are the bodies working for the enforcement and maintenance of law for civilized society.

  • Law is a body of rules, has an endless journey to guide human action and behavior for achievement of economic and social goals of society.

Law is described on these five bases:

Law is described five bases

Law is Described Five Bases

Law is described five bases

Definitions of Law

Some important definitions by various authors are as follows:

  • Aristotle describes Law as a natural nature of human being which remains same and is capable of growth for a reason.

  • Austin says Law is a command laid down by political superiors for the society. Law is most supreme.

  • Kelsen describes Law is a pyramid of rules and norms which has its foundation from the base norm. for e.g. Constitution of India.

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