Development Communication: Development Communication Using Various Media (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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  • Development communication is something that can be used for development. It is about using communication to change or improve something. It can be defined as the use of communication to promote development. Persons involved in such communication are termed as development communicators.
  • Role of a development communicator: His main function is to explain development process in a form which is acceptable to the common people. For this he has to understand the process of development and communicating and must be professional with complete expertise in his job. He should be aware of the nature of the audience too. Development communicators prepare and distribute development messages to millions of people in such a way that they are received and understood, accepted and applied.

Development Communication Using Various Media

  • The history of development communication in India can be traced to rural radio broadcasts in the 1940s in different languages. By 1975, Doordarshan became widespread in the nation especially across the villages. It broadcasted information useful to the people for agriculture, weather forecasting etc.
  • Newspapers give the people more information and facts about the government programmes, five-year plans and thus make them aware of what the government is doing for them. They give great importance to developmental themes. Amongst all the media that are used for development communication, traditional media are the closest to people who need messages of development like the farmers and workers. Such forms of media are participatory and effective. In India theatre is also a development media.
  • The artist through humorous skits and small street dramas, convey developmental ideas to a large mass of the people. Comics which involve story telling using visuals follow local ideas and culture in order to be understood correctly by people. The important thing about comics is that they are made by people on their own issues in their own language. So, readers find them closer to their day-to-day lives. Development communication through all these media is possible only with the help of the four components.
Development Communication

Core Areas of Development

Core areas of development include those sectors which are basic to the citizens of a nation.

Core Areas of Development

A development communicator may seek guidance form the following persons to develop ideas on the above mention sectors.

  • Agricultural schools and colleges
  • State agriculture department
  • State Horticulture Department
  • Universities and Colleges
  • State Fisheries Department
  • Registrar of Co-operative Societies
  • Soil Testing Laboratories
  • Poultry Farms run by the Government
  • Krishi Bhawan՚s and Model Farms
  • Community Development Blocks
  • Primary Health Centres
  • Animal Husbandry Department
  • Government Financial & Banking Agencies
  • Local NGOs
  • Sericulture Farms

Development Campaigns

The purpose of different types of campaigns is to make people aware about the good and positive effects of a thing. For development communication, we may use print media such as newspapers, radio and television. All the government ads on government policies like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao aimed at education of girl child are aimed to achieve certain social targets which are necessary for the development of a country. Development communicators must understand the nature, behaviour, needs and aspirations of its audiences. Then only they can pass the message in a suitable, acceptable and attractive way.