Cartesian System of Rectangular Co-Ordinates, Quardrants, Distance Between Two Points

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We know that coordinate axes and divide the region of the plane into four regions. These regions are called the quardrants as shown in Fig. In accordance with the convention of signs, for a point in different quadrants, we have

Point P(x,y) in different quadrants

Point P(X,Y) in Different Quadrants

Point P(x,y) in different quadrants

I quadrant:

II quadrant:

III quadrant:

IV quadrant:

Distance between Two Points

Recall that you have derived the distance formula between two points and in the following manner:

Let us draw a line through. Let be the point of intersection of the perpendicular from to the line. Then is a right-angled triangle.

Distance Between Two Points

Distance between Two Points

Distance Between Two Points



Now (Pythagoras theorem)


Find the distance between the following pairs of points:

(1) and (2) and


(1) Distance between two points


Distance between and

Distance between and is units.

(2) Here

Distance between and

Distance between and is units

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