Sociology: Emergence and Development of Sociology: Development of Sociology since India's Independence

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Development of Sociology Since India’S Independence

  • After India’s Independence, Indian sociologists interacted more with US sociologist which improved their subject knowledge and widened their approach towards the subject. Post-independence witnessed sociologists engaging in planning and developmental process of the nation. Number of departments and universities having sociology as a discipline also increased. The other reason for the progress of the subject was planned development gaining more relevance in the nation where sociologist had to identify the social problems and suggest the solutions for the problems.

  • The organizations and sociological societies started in the 2nd phase continued to contributing to the development of the subject. Added to this, Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) was formed in 1969. Indian Sociological Society established in 1951 and All India Sociological Conference started by R.N. Saxena in 1955 merged to one institution in 1967.

  • Villages were the interesting topics of sociologists of this phase. Several monographs were published on villages during this phase by both Indian and foreign sociologists. And several concepts were emerged about Indian societies through these root level village studies. Srinivas, an eminent sociologist developed the concept of ‘dominant caste’. The concept was about a dominant caste which controls the economic and other important activities of a region. This concept was developed during his studies on the villages of Karnataka. He also formulated the concept of Sanskritization.

  • In this third phase the sociologists of India became more mature towards the approach to the discipline. They started arriving conclusions at theoretical insights from their empirical works. Dumont was an exponent of this phase whose work was “Homo Hierarchises” He started a journal also viz; Contributions to Indian Sociology”. The studies started to widen its area of concern to issues of ethnicity, gender, violence, development and stratification. This lead Indian sociology and sociologists to became famous worldwide.

India’s Independence

India’S Independence

India’s Independence

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