Tourism Industry and Its Organization, Services Associated with Tourism

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Services Associated with Tourism

There are many components of tourism industry which are required to run the tourism industry.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

  • The accommodation is the key aspect of this industry, it includes hotels, and restaurants etc. there are numbered or rated depending on their quality and space. This classification of the hotels are done by central government committee different star rating has been provided like One star hotel should have the least facilities and services provided under the star category while the five star has the maximum number of facilities provided to the consumers.

  • Even, many seven-star hotels are cropping up for their deliverance of luxurious services.

  • The hotels are classified depending on their location that is they can be located around airports, railway stations etc. another type of classification includes on the basis of guests like paying guest, or rental or commercial, suite, airport hotel, resort and motel. Another classification is on the basis of supplementary or alternative accommodation like Yatri Niwas, forest lodges, Dak Bungalows and farmhouses. A Circuit house is the tourist accommodation offering rooms to high ranking government officials.

  • Next component comes the food and beverages, which is the growing industry as the demand for food is ever increasing and is the very important component for this industry.

  • Travel and trade consist of the selling/reserving of reservation for visiting, accommodation, tours, shipping, meals and beverage etc.

  • Another element consists of the journey and tourism. The relationship between shipping and tourism development has traditionally been seemed as ‘chicken and egg’ each are interdependent and supportive. One component is incomplete without another. It presents a hyperlink between origin of tourism and its destination

  • There are many ways of transportation which helps in catering to the needs of the tourists like railways, airways, waterways and roadways. Each means is equally important and contribute to the overall social and economic development of the country.

  • Like railways is used to travel long distances and is faster and convenient than roadways.

  • Next comes the airways which are important in fulfilling the needs of the tourists. To travel foreign countries which are not linked with rail networks or road than airways plays an important medium to travel to remote counties.

  • Roadways are important for short or door to door distances. Air transport has brought the world to the doorsteps, but road transport has connected all the utility rooms inside the door. Next comes the waterways.

  • Waterways consist of ferry, cruise, water taxis and other kinds of water shipping. They may be of the open seas or inland transport as well and fulfill the needs of when in the ancient era when there was no other medium to travel.

  • Another comes the attraction, like historic and heritage sites, museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, water parks, cultural attractions, beaches, qualitative cheap medical facilities, traditional health rejuvenating centers etc. are some of the attractions for the tourists and invite foreign tourists to visit their countries. India is blessed with so many attractions like, Taj Mahal, Kumbh Mela, Ajanta caves, Ellora caves etc.

  • Many events and conferences are organized in order to discuss on the hosen topics and for this many special attractive places are chosen like Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai where historic monuments are present, and which keeps the business meetings and seminars interested.

  • Final component includes the tourism services, which act as the bridge between the tourist and their destination. Apart from research in tourism, advertising, marketing, educating/informing about tourism are other good components of the tourism industry.

  • It is a very critical device in assisting the advertising making plans and control of services and facilities furnished to tourists. Their demand in tourism is assessed and ultimately a selection is taken, which enables in the growth of tourism.

  • Hence to attract the people to visit various places are done through advertising and to make their financial conditions better.

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