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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Dear Madam/Sir I need to start to prepare for TNPSC Grp 2 exam. but i don't know from where i have to start & what to study and all... so kindly give me suggestions

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    1 Answer

  • Which are the Best Books for Neet 2018 which I Can Download?

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    1 Answer

    For NEET preparation visit -

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  • This a request to you for free pdf of chemistry and physics formulaes

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    1 Answer

    List of formulas for physics and chemistry are available at - and

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  • Will it be okay for concept building for ugc net if i use ncert class 11 and 12 biology books?

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    1 Answer

    For CSIR life sciences, you need to study in detail.

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  • Do i need to study all subject NCERT books(like accounts, Business, Biology, eng, graphic design, physics, Psychology, sanskrit, etc) for UPSC exam?? if not what and how many subjects should i read?

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    1 Answer

    For UPSC you need to study maths, science and social science (history, geography, civics and economics) for class 6 to 10. You need to study the subject in case that is your optional for example, psychology in case you have psychology optional.

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  • Sir i am study in zoology sir mai cbse net jrf ki tairy krna chahta hu iske liye kaun sa book aacha hoga please conform

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    1 Answer

    For CSIR Life Sciences visit -

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  • Which books for NEET 2017?

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    1 Answer

    For NEET we suggest that you refer class 11 and 12 NCERT books, Truemans and do excessive practice through online test modules available at -

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  • KVPY preparation books?

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    1 Answer

    KVPY preparation material along with the past paper detailed solutions are available at -

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  • What are best book for physics chem biology for SSC RRB?

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    1 Answer

    We suggest that you refer NCERT Class 11th and 12th .

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  • best books/ study material for GRE BIOLOGY and MOLECULAR BIOLOGY

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    1 Answer

    You can refer Campbell.

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