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  • aiims last 15 year paper

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    For AIIMS preparation visit -

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  • What are the properties of benzene?

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    Benzene is the parent hydrocarbon and from which all aromatic compounds can be derived. Kekule (1865) first recognised that all aromatic compounds contained at least six carbon atoms. He proved that the simplest aromatic compound having six carbon atoms is Benzene.

    Benzene is a colorless liquid.

    Benzene is soluble in organic solvents but immiscible in water.

    It is an aromatic compound so it has a typical aromatic odor. (Aroma in Greek means pleasant smelling) .

    Benzene is highly inflammable and burns with sooty flame.

    Benzene also shows resonance that is it can exist in different forms based on the positioning of double bond and this property of benzene makes it stable. That is why Benzene does not undergo addition reactions readily but it undergoes substitution reactions.

    Benzene is lighter than water having density of 0.87g cm-3

    Benzene has high melting and moderate boiling point. (Melting point 5.5C, boiling point 80.5C) . For homologous series it increases with the increasing molecular mass because of the increase in magnitude of Vander Waal՚s forces of attraction.

    All the Carbon- carbon bonds in benzene are of same length which is equal to 140pm. And bond angle is of 120 with all Carbons having sp2 hybridization

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  • Chemestry formula and question and answer

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  • Please give me materials of neet preparation

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    NEET Preparation solved question bank and study notes are available at -

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  • I want to notes of chemistry chapter 1 notes

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    Chemistry Notes will be added at -

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  • To prepare for medical entrance exam

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    To prepare for medical entrance examinations please refer -

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