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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Mam please I want the ncert notes of 6-12 of geography and history and politics and economics .. Mam I am confused that should I make notes of my own or can take your notes which you coveredinexamrace

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    1 Answer

    Class 6 to 12 Geography lectures have been provided on Examrace youtube channel.

    Geography Class 6 to 12 Notes

    All the important topics have been covered to help the students understand the subject matter in a better and convenient way.

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  • About volcanoes and tsunamies

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    1 Answer

    For Volcanoes and other natural hazards related contents you can visit Examrace Youtube channel. Video lectures are also available for Volcanism and Earthquakes.

    Tsunamis - 5 Causes, 3 Hazards & 3 Prediction

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  • Mam mujhe hindi mai study material mil sakta h??? Subject geography

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    1 Answer

  • Why are trees of tropical rainforest tall and straight and explain similar concepts?

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    1 Answer

    For geography NCERT lectures and conceptual understanding of these topics visit -

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  • Solve maths , science,english and hindin

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    1 Answer

    Solved NCERT questions are available at -

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