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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Study Material

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    1 Answer

    The study materials in the form of video lectures have been provided on doorsteptutor. com/Exams/CBSE/Class-12/Geography/ . Similarly for various other subjects practice questions along with video lectures are available to provide a better understanding of the exam pattern.

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  • I want to hindi books ncrt

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    1 Answer

    In each subject you can get hindi section for hindi books.

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  • what are the uses of minerals?

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    1 Answer

    Minerals are used for various purposes like building, tiling, clay etc.

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  • Wanna prepare for civil services

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    1 Answer

    For Civil Service preparation visit -

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  • Why does wind flow from high concentration to low concentration?

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    1 Answer

    To understand wind flow refer -

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  • What is human and human made resources?

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    1 Answer

    Resources are of 3 types-natural resources, human resources and human made resources. Natural resources include resources obtained from nature like coal and petroleum. Human resources include people-their skills and abilities. Human made resources include drastic changes by human intervention like buildings, roadways, bridges, tunnels and so on.

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  • Name two emerging IT hubs of India?

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    1 Answer

    Two emerging IT hubs are Bengaluru and Cyberadabd.

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