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Discussions & Questions

  • Why is a raised m divided by b raised n is equal to a raised m divided by b? ( - on ))

    1 Answer

    If n=1, (m/b)^n will be equal to (m/b).

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    1 Answer

    Peacock is the National Bird of India.

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  • In which standard is BODMAS introduced? In BODMAS, what do you interpret the letter 'O' as. In nested brackets in an expression, do curly brackets come in the middle or are they outermost ( - on ))

    1 Answer

    BODMAS is introduced in very initial standards starting grade 5 or 6. Here, B implies Brackets first, O implies Orders (ie Powers and Square Roots, etc.), DM implies Division and Multiplication (left-to-right)-Divide and Multiply rank equally (and go left to right), AS implies Addition and Subtraction (left-to-right)-Add and Subtract rank equally (and go left to right). When parentheses have two levels of nesting, curly brackets (braces) are the outermost pair.

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