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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Science Questions for Class 6

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    1 Answer

    You can visit Class 6 Important Questions. Chapterwise all the important questions have been discussed.

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  • Fill In The Blank 1) Animal Fibres are _____ and _____.

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  • can i plz have a test paper made for all of the grade 6 subjects ?nnthank un

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    1 Answer

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  • I want some answers

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    For solutions to NCERT problems refer -

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  • who to make good water cycle

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  • About characteristics of living things?

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    Living things can grow, breathe and reproduce.

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  • What is fused electric bulb?

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    1 Answer

    A fused electric bulb implies that it has its filament cut . A filament based electric bulb generates light through incandescence which means glow associated with a hot-body. When the filament is heated to near white-hot, its body temperature rises to a few thousand degrees centigrade that take the tungsten filament near its melting point. On continued use, this leads to loss of the tungsten material making it thinner and ultimately cutting it or breaking it. For more information refer

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