Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 3 – Don՚t Miss the Opportunity Keep Your Preparations Going! (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 3
Week 1
Kindergarten 2 (KG-2 or K-2) Missing Numbers - Kids-Teaching-Kids
Number Sense IMO Level 1 Mathematics Olympiad Class 3
Homophones IEO Level 1 English Olympiad Class 3
Labelling Parts of the Plant: Class 1/Grade 1 - Kids-Teaching-Kids
Plants and Animals NSO Level 1 Science Olympiad Class 3
Week 2
Lattice Multiplication - Easy Way to Multiply 2,3, 4 and Higher Digit Numbers IMO
Computational Operations IMO Level 1 Mathematics Olympiad Class 3
Spellings IEO Level 1 English Olympiad Class 3
NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 5: Anita and Honeybees - NSO/NSTSE/Olympiad|English|CBSE|Environment Sc
Birds NSO Level 1 Science Olympiad Class 3
Week 3
Fractions - Numerator and Denominator (Funfilled Learning) Kids Teaching Kids|Mathematics - IMO
Fractions IMO Level 1 Mathematics Olympiad Class 3
Learning Sea Animals Kindergarten (KG-2/K-2) -Kids-Teaching-Kids
Words Related to Animals, Household Things, Clothes, Basic Emotions, Food, Animals and Pets IEO Level 1 English Olympiad Class 3
Agents of Seed Dispersal: Wind, Water, Explosion and Human (Watch Video)
Water (Solve Questions)
Week 4
Money (Watch Video)
Money (Solve Questions)
Synonyms and Antonyms (Solve Questions)
Components of Food - Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals (Watch Video)
Food (Solve Questions)
Week 5
Patterns (Watch Video)
Length, Weight and Quantity (Solve Questions)
Gender (Solve Questions)House and Occupation (Solve Questions)
Week 6
Input Output Machine Problems (Addition & Subtraction) (Watch Video)
Time and Temperature (Solve Questions)
Proverbs (Idioms & Phrases) (Solve Questions)
From Market to Home (Watch Video)
Transport and Communication (Solve Questions)
Week 7
Estimation - Rounding off (Ones, Tens, Hundreds) (Watch Video)
Geometry (Solve Questions)
One Word (Solve Questions)
Knowing Our Body (Watch Video)
Human Body (Solve Questions)
Week 8
Tally - Correct Way (Data Interpretation and Representation) (Watch Video)
Data Handling (Solve Questions)
Noun (Solve Questions)
Visiting the Solar System: Inner and Outer Planets (8 Mystery Facts) (Watch Video)
Earth and Universe (Solve Questions)
Week 9
Addition Subtraction Word Problems (Watch Video)
Logical Reasoning (Solve Questions)
Pronoun (Solve Questions)
States of Matter - Solid, Liquid & Gas (Watch Video)
Matter and Materials (Solve Questions)
Week 10
Profit and Loss: Fundamentals of Mathematics - Story of King (Watch Video)
Everyday Mathematics (Solve Questions)
Verb (Solve Questions)Light, Sound and Force (Solve Questions)
Week 11
Identifying Signs (Watch Video)
Numbers (Solve Questions)
Adverbs (Solve Questions)
Eating Together (Watch Video)
Mental Ability (Solve Questions)
Week 12
Understanding Repeated Addition (Watch Video)
Addition and Subtraction (Solve Questions)
Adjectives and Degree (Solve Questions)Living and Non-Living Things (Solve Questions)
Week 13
Shortcut Trick for 2 Digit Multiplication (Vedic Maths) (Watch Video)
Multiplication (Solve Questions)
Articles (Solve Questions)
Ear to Ear (Differentiate Egg Laying Animals & Mammals) (Watch Video)
Animal and Plants (Solve Questions)
Week 14
How Many Ponytails (Watch Video)
Division (Solve Questions)
Prepositions (Solve Questions)
National Symbols - Anthem (Jan Gan Man) , Song (Vande Mataram) , Symbol, Bird, Animal (India) (Watch Video)
Animals: Their Food and Home (Solve Questions)
Week 15
Simplifying Fractions - Numerator & Denominator (Watch Video)
Fraction (Solve Questions)
Simple Tenses (Solve Questions)
Day with Nandu (Watch Video)
Birds (Solve Questions)
Week 16
Add Our Points (Watch Video)
Money (Solve Questions)
Conjunctions and Punctuation (Solve Questions)Beaks and Claws of Birds (Solve Questions)
Week 17
Time (Watch Video)
Time (Solve Questions)
Singular-Plural and One Word Substitutes (Solve Questions)
A Busy Month (Nesting Habits) (Watch Video)
Birds and Their Nests (Solve Questions)
Week 18Vedic Maths -Multiplication of Single Digit Numbers (Watch Video) Measurement (Solve Questions)Collective Phrases and Phrase Pairs (Solve Questions)
Holding the Pitcher Plant - Experience the Insectivorous Plant in Reality! (Watch Video)
Plant Life (Solve Questions)
Week 19
Lines of Symmetry: Circle, Triangle, Star, Square and Interesting Examples (Watch Video)
Shapes (Solve Questions)
Achiever՚s Section (Solve Questions)
Basva՚s Farm (Watch Video)
Soil (Solve Questions)
Week 20
My Funday (Watch Video)
Pictographs (Solve Questions)
Comprehension (Solve Questions)
River՚s Tale (Watch Video)
Air and Water (Solve Questions)
Week 21
2 Digit Mutiplication (Watch Video)
Odd Words (Solve Questions)
Going to School (Watch Video)
Weather (Solve Questions)
Week 22
Factorization - Prime Factorization, Factor Tree Method & Long Division Method (Watch Video)
Direct & Indirect Speech (Solve Questions)
Solar System - Exploring Inner and Outer Planets (Watch Video)
The Earth and the Moon (Solve Questions)
Week 23
Fractions to Decimals (Long Division) - Repeating, Non Terminating and Terminating Decimals (Watch Video)
Teeth - Incisor, Canine, Premolar, Molar (Watch Video)
Our Body (Solve Questions)
Week 24
Solving Place Value Problems (Watch Video)
Knowing Traffic Signs- Road Safety (Watch Video)
Safety and First Aid (Solve Questions)
Week 25
Types of Houses: Stilt, Caravan, Tent, Mud, Apartment, Bungalow, Igloo (Watch Video)
A Good House and Surroundings (Solve Questions)
Week 26Our Clothes (Solve Questions)
Week 27The Story of Fire (Solve Questions)
Week 28
World is My Home (Watch Video)
Measurements (Solve Questions)
Week 29Means of Communication (Solve Questions)

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