Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 4 – Don՚t Miss the Opportunity Keep Your Preparations Going! (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 4
Week 1
Missing Numbers (Watch Video)
Number Sense (Solve Questions)
Nouns (Solve Questions)
The Valley of Flowers (Watch Video)
Plants (Solve Questions)
Week 2
Lattice Multiplication - Easy Way to Multiply 2,3, 4 and Higher Digit Numbers (Watch Video)
Computational Operations (Solve Questions)
Verbs (Solve Questions)
Day with Nandu (Watch Video)
Animals (Solve Questions)
Week 3
Simplifying Fractions - Numerator & Denominator (Watch Video)
Fractions (Solve Questions)
Pronouns (Solve Questions)
Agents of Seed Dispersal: Wind, Water, Explosion and Human (Watch Video)
Water (Solve Questions)
Week 4
Add Our Points (Watch Video)
Length, Weight and Capacity (Solve Questions)
Adjectives (Solve Questions)
Means of Transportation and Projects - Air, Water, Land (Science) (Watch Video)
Transport (Solve Questions)
Week 5
Money (Watch Video)
Time and Money (Solve Questions)
Adverbs (Solve Questions)
Visiting the Solar System: Inner and Outer Planets (8 Mystery Facts) (Watch Video)
Earth and Universe (Solve Questions)
Week 6
Estimation - Rounding off (Ones, Tens, Hundreds) (Watch Video)
Geometry (Solve Questions)
Prepositions (Solve Questions)
Knowing Our Body (Watch Video)
Human Body (Solve Questions)
Week 7
Profit and Loss: Fundamentals of Mathematics - Story of King (Watch Video)
Data Handling (Solve Questions)
Articles (Solve Questions)
River՚s Tale (Watch Video)
Matter and Minerals (Solve Questions)
Week 8
Addition Subtraction Word Problems (Watch Video)
Logical Reasoning (Solve Questions)
Conjuctions (Solve Questions)
Going to School (Watch Video)
General Activities (Solve Questions)
Week 9
How Many Ponytails (Watch Video)
Everyday Mathematics (Solve Questions)
Punctuation (Solve Questions)
Knowing Traffic Signs- Road Safety (Watch Video)
Mental Ability (Solve Questions)
Week 10
Factorization - Prime Factorization, Factor Tree Method & Long Division Method (Watch Video)
Achiever՚s Section (Solve Questions)
Writing (Solve Questions)
From Market to Home (Watch Video)
Achiever՚s Section (Solve Questions)
Week 11Roman Numbers (Solve Questions)Synonyms (Solve Questions)Living and Non Living Things (Solve Questions)
Week 12
Vedic Maths -Multiplication of Single Digit Numbers (Watch Video)
Number System & Large Numbers (Solve Questions)
Antonyms (Solve Questions)
Ear to Ear (Differentiate Egg Laying Animals & Mammals) (Watch Video)
Plants and Animals (Solve Questions)
Week 13
Understanding Repeated Addition (Watch Video)
Addition and Subtraction (Solve Questions)
Vocabulary (Solve Questions)
Holding the Pitcher Plant - Experience the Insectivorous Plant in Reality! (Watch Video)
Plants and Their Food (Solve Questions)
Week 14
Shortcut Trick for 2 Digit Multiplication (Vedic Maths) (Watch Video)
Multiplication and Division (Solve Questions)
Comprehension (Solve Questions)
Anita and Honeybees (Watch Video)
Reproduction in Animals (Solve Questions)
Week 15
2 Digit Mutiplication (Watch Video)
Multiples and Factors (Solve Questions)
Comprehension (Stories and Excepts) (Solve Questions)
Eating Together (Watch Video)
Care & Protection of Plants and Animals (Solve Questions)
Week 16
Fractions to Decimals (Long Division) - Repeating, Non Terminating and Terminating Decimals (Watch Video)
Fractions (Solve Questions)
Comprehension (Poetry) (Solve Questions)
Joints: Gliding Joint, Pivot Joint, Ball & Socket Joint, Hinge Joint, Saddle Joint (Watch Video)
Our Internal Organs (Solve Questions)
Week 17
Solving Place Value Problems (Watch Video)
Decimals (Solve Questions)
Spoken and Written Expression (Solve Questions)
Components of Food - Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals (Watch Video)
Food and Digestion (Solve Questions)
Week 18
Money (Watch Video)
Money (Solve Questions)
Achiever՚s Section (Solve Questions)
Teeth - Incisor, Canine, Premolar, Molar (Watch Video)
Teeth and Microbes (Solve Questions)
Week 19
My Funday (Watch Video)
Time (Solve Questions)
Tenses (Solve Questions)
Life Cycle of Plant (Watch Video)
Sanitation and Diseases (Solve Questions)
Week 20Measurement (Solve Questions)Our Clothes (Solve Questions)
Week 21
Rounding Numbers to Tens, Hundreds and Thousands (Watch Video)
Geometry (Solve Questions)
Types of Houses: Stilt, Caravan, Tent, Mud, Apartment, Bungalow, Igloo (Watch Video)
Home Sweet Home (Solve Questions)
Week 22Perimeter and Area (Solve Questions)Weather and Its Influence on Life (Solve Questions)
Week 23Comparison and Ordering (Solve Questions)
Basva՚s Farm (Watch Video)
Natural Resources, Soil and Crops (Solve Questions)
Week 24
Tally - Correct Way (Data Interpretation and Representation) (Watch Video)
BODMAS, Simplification and Word Problems (Solve Questions)
States of Matter - Solid, Liquid & Gas (Watch Video)
Solid, Liquid and Gases (Solve Questions)
Week 25
World of Green: Parts of Plant, Creepers, Climbers, Water Plants, Herbs, Shrubs, Trees (Watch Video)
Work, Force and Energy (Solve Questions)
Week 26Measurements (Solve Questions)
Week 27
World is My Home (Watch Video)
Shrinking World (Solve Questions)
Week 28
Solar System - Exploring Inner and Outer Planets (Watch Video)
Stars and Planets (Solve Questions)

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