Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 5 – Don՚t Miss the Opportunity Keep Your Preparations Going! (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 5
Week 1
Tally - Correct Way (Data Interpretation and Representation) (Watch Video)
Large Numbers (Solve Questions)
Noun (Solve Questions)
Life Cycle of Plant (Watch Video)
Plant Life (Solve Questions)
Week 2
Factorization - Prime Factorization, Factor Tree Method & Long Division Method (Watch Video)
Factors and Multiples (Solve Questions)
Pronoun (Solve Questions)
Day with Nandu (Watch Video)
Animal Life (Solve Questions)
Week 3
Simplifying Fractions - Numerator & Denominator (Watch Video)
Fractions (Solve Questions)
Adjective (Solve Questions)
Knowing Our Body (Watch Video)
Human Body (Solve Questions)
Week 4Decimals (Solve Questions)Articles (Solve Questions)
World of Green: Parts of Plant, Creepers, Climbers, Water Plants, Herbs, Shrubs, Trees (Watch Video)
Soil, Rocks and Minerals (Solve Questions)
Week 5Arithmetic (Solve Questions)Adverbs (Solve Questions)
Means of Transportation and Projects - Air, Water, Land (Science) (Watch Video)
Air, Water and Weather (Solve Questions)
Week 6
Estimation - Rounding off (Ones, Tens, Hundreds) (Watch Video)
Geometry (Solve Questions)
Prepositions (Solve Questions)
Visiting the Solar System: Inner and Outer Planets (8 Mystery Facts) (Watch Video)
Moon (Solve Questions)
Week 7Mensuration (Solve Questions)Conjunctions (Solve Questions)
States of Matter - Solid, Liquid & Gas (Watch Video)
Matter (Solve Questions)
Week 8
Add Our Points (Watch Video)
Measurement (Solve Questions)
Tenses (Solve Questions)Force, Work and Energy (Solve Questions)
Week 9
How Many Ponytails (Watch Video)
Data Handling (Solve Questions)
Passive Voice & Reported Speech (Solve Questions)
Knowing Traffic Signs- Road Safety (Watch Video)
Safety and First Aid (Solve Questions)
Week 10
Missing Numbers (Watch Video)
Number Sense (Solve Questions)
Integrated Grammar (Solve Questions)
Learning Sea Animals (Watch Video)
Animals (Solve Questions)
Week 11
Greater Than Less Than Equal to (Watch Video)
Computation Operations (Solve Questions)
Comprehension (Solve Questions)
Teeth - Incisor, Canine, Premolar, Molar|Kids Teaching Kids (Watch Video)
Human Body and Health (Solve Questions)
Week 12
Fractions to Decimals (Long Division) - Repeating, Non Terminating and Terminating Decimals (Watch Video)
Fractions and Decimals (Solve Questions)
Interjection (Solve Questions)
Abdul in the Garden (Watch Video)
Plant and Food (Solve Questions)
Week 13Measurements (Solve Questions)Synonyms and Antonyms (Solve Questions)
World of Green: Parts of Plant, Creepers, Climbers, Water Plants, Herbs, Shrubs, Trees (Watch Video)
Water (Solve Questions)
Week 14Geometry (Solve Questions)Proverbs (Solve Questions)
Light and Shadow: Simple Tricks in Science-Experiment with Torch (Watch Video)
Natural Resources and Calamities (Solve Questions)
Week 15
Identifying Signs (Watch Video)
Symmetry and Data Handling (Solve Questions)
One Word Substitution (Solve Questions)Earth and Universe (Solve Questions)
Week 16Logical Reasoning (Solve Questions)Matter ( (Solve Questions)
Week 17
Lattice Multiplication - Easy Way to Multiply 2,3, 4 and Higher Digit Numbers (Watch Video)
Everyday Mathematics (Solve Questions)
General Science (Solve Questions)
Week 18Mental Ability (Solve Questions)

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