Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 9 – Don՚t Miss the Opportunity Keep Your Preparations Going! (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Weekly Vacation Schedule for Students of Class 9
ScheduleMathematics I and IISocial StudyEnglishBiologyPhysicsChemistry
Week 1Number System (Solve Questions)

Number Systems (Solve Questions)

Story of Village Palampur (Watch Video)
Socialism in Europe and Russia (Watch Video)
Story of Village Palampur (Solve Questions)

Socialism in Europe and Russian Revolution (Solve Questions)

Synonyms (Solve Questions)Fundamentals Unit of Life (Solve Questions)Motion (Solve Questions)

Motion (Solve Questions)

Matter (Solve Questions)

Matter in Our Surroundings (Solve Questions)

Week 2Polynomials (Solve Questions)

Polynomials (Solve Questions)

People as Resource (Watch Video)
Nazism and the Rise of Hitler (Watch Video)
People as Resource (Solve Questions)

Nazism and the Rise of Hitler (Solve Questions)

One Word Definitions and Common Proverbs (Solve Questions)Tissues (Solve Questions)

Tissues (Solve Questions)

Force & Laws of Motion (Solve Questions)

Force and Laws of Motion (Solve Questions)

The Nature of Matter (Solve Questions)

Is Matter Around Us Pure? (Solve Questions)

Week 3Coordinate Geometry (Solve Questions)

Coordinate Geometry (Solve Questions)

Poverty as a Challenge (Watch Video)
Forest Society and Colonialism (Watch Video)
Poverty as Challenge Facing India (Solve Questions)

Forest Society and Colonialism (Solve Questions)

Sentences and Sentence Sequencing (Solve Questions)Diversity of Living Organisms (Solve Questions)

Diversity in Living Organisms (Solve Questions)

Gravitation & Pressure (Solve Questions)

Gravitation (Solve Questions)

Atoms & Molecules (Solve Questions)

Atoms and Molecules (Solve Questions)

Week 4Linear Equations in Two Variables (Solve Questions)

Linear Equations in Two Variables (Solve Questions)

Food Security in India (Watch Video)
Pastoralists in the Modern World (Watch Video)
Food Security in India (Solve Questions)

Pastoralists in Modern World (Solve Questions)

Articles and Determiners (Solve Questions)
Why Do We Fall Ill? (Watch Video)
Why Do We Fall Ill? (Solve Questions)

Health & Diseases (Solve Questions)

Work, Energy & Power (Solve Questions)

Work and Energy (Solve Questions)

Structure of the Atom (Solve Questions)

Structure of the Atom (Solve Questions)

Week 5Introduction to Euclid՚s Geometry (Solve Questions)

Triangles (Solve Questions)

India Size & Location (Watch Video)
Peasant and Farmers (Watch Video)
India-Size and Location (Solve Questions)

Peasants and Farmers (Solve Questions)

Verbs (Solve Questions)
Natural Resources (Watch Video)
Natural Resources (Solve Questions)

Natural Resources (Solve Questions)

Sound (Solve Questions)

Sound (Solve Questions)

Matter (Solve Questions)
Week 6Lines, Angles and Quadrilaterals (Solve Questions)

Lines and Angles ( (Solve Questions)

Physical Features of India (Watch Video)
History and Sports: The Story of Cricket (Watch Video)
Physical Features of India (Solve Questions)

History and Sport: Story of Cricket

Types of Verbs and Prepositions (Solve Questions)
Improvement in Food Resources (Watch Video)
Improvement in Food Resources (Solve Questions)

Improvement in Food Resources (Solve Questions)

Motion (Solve Questions)The Nature of Matter (Solve Questions)
Week 7Triangles and Circles (Solve Questions)
Drainage in India (Watch Video)
Clothing a Social History (Watch Video)
Drainage (Solve Questions)

Clothing: A Social History (Solve Questions)

Tenses (Solve Questions)
Fundamental Unit of Life (Watch Video)
Fundamentals Unit of Life (Solve Questions)

The Fundamental Unit of Life (Solve Questions)

Force & Laws of Motion (Solve Questions)Atoms & Molecules (Solve Questions)
Week 8Surface Area and Volumes (Solve Questions)
Climate of India (Watch Video)
Climate (Solve Questions)
Active and Passive Voice & Direct and Indirect Narration (Solve Questions)
Tissues (Watch Video)
Tissues (Solve Questions)
Gravitation & Pressure (Solve Questions)Structure of the Atom (Solve Questions)
Week 9Statistics and Probability (Solve Questions)
Natural Vegetation & Wildlife of India (Watch Video)
Natural Vegetation and Wildlife (Solve Questions)
Puctuation (Solve Questions)Diversity of Living Organisms (Solve Questions)Work, Energy & Power (Solve Questions)
Week 10Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning (Solve Questions)
Population - India - (Watch Video)
Population (Solve Questions)
Comprehension-Stories and Poetry (Solve Questions)Health & Diseases (Solve Questions)Sound (Solve Questions)
Week 11
Expected Questions (Quick Tricks) (Watch Video)
Democracy in Contemporary World (Watch Video)
Democracy in Contemporary World (Solve Questions)
Comprehension-Facts, Places and Personalities (Solve Questions)Natural Resources (Solve Questions)
Week 12Heron՚s Formula (Solve Questions)

Surface Areas & Volumes (Solve Questions)

What is Democracy? Why Democracy? (Watch Video)
What is Democracy and Why Democracy (Solve Questions)
Sequences- Stories, Events and Snippets (Solve Questions)Improvement in Food Resources (Solve Questions)
Week 13Everyday Mathematics (Solve Questions)

Statistics (Solve Questions)

Constitutional Design (Watch Video)
Constitutional Design (Solve Questions)
Achiever՚s Section (Solve Questions)
Week 14Constructions (Solve Questions)

Probability (Solve Questions)

Electoral Politics (Watch Video)
Electoral Politics (Solve Questions)
Conjunction (Solve Questions)
Week 15Circles (Solve Questions)
Working of Institutions (Watch Video)
Working of the Institutions (Solve Questions)
Nouns (Solve Questions)
Week 16Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles (Solve Questions)
Democratic Rights (Watch Video)
Democratic Rights (Solve Questions)
Adverb (Solve Questions)
Week 17Quadrilaterals (Solve Questions)
French Revolution (Watch Video)
French Revolution (Solve Questions)
Adjective (Solve Questions)

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